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Even though a miracle happened and these are finally sold in Slovenia (don't get two excited, it's only four shades), I haven't seen this shade here yet. I ordered Divine Wine online a little bit before I saw these in our shops and I got this because I was curious what the formula is like. Several of you readers recommended me to try these, since my love for matte finishes is well known and I picked Divine Wine, because this was the only shade that really appealed to me from the choices I had available, but also because I just really love such deep shades

Shade: Divine Wine is actually very similar to Mac's Diva. Both are very deep reds with a slight brown undertone (Laetitia has a purple-berry one), though this one is more brown. It's a very dark shade, not in an almost black way, but definitely a great choice for the almost obligatory autumnal vampy shade. 

Formula: Everyone was telling me how amazing these are. The formula is nice, actually really nice, but as far I'm concerned, this is not a proper matte lipstick. It's a very creamy lipstick and it glides on the lips with ease as it has quite a slippery texture, so the finish isn't matte, but creamy-satin. Despite being a creamier dark shade, it doesn't bleed over the line, however, it does obviously transfers when touched. These will appeal to those who are not fans of proper matte lipsticks, but prefer a much more comfortable, creamy version, though don't expect that "Instagram/Pinterest matte finish". I don't find it drying, but I can't really assess if it might be drying for some people, as my lips so rarely get dry. Still, this could be the safest best when you're searching for a matte lipstick and your lips tend to get dry a lot. 

Staying power: It's a deep, richly pigmented matte lipstick, so obviously the staying power is really good. It'll survive drinking and eating well enough, but it'll start slowly fading after a few hours.

Packaging: A classic Maybelline's square tube, but with a matte green-grey lid. I just feel that Maybelline's need to let these go. It's time for something new, fresh and less cheap looking. 

Price and availability: I got mine on Look Fantastic for €9.85. As I said, it's not sold here is Slovenia because that would just be insanity to offer a full range of lipsticks and other popular makeup by Maybelline #sarcasmon. 

I get why these are so popular. Their creamy matte texture is very comfortable to wear and formula is in general excellent. I wish they were a bit more matte, but then people would probably find them too drying, so it's great they went this way instead. You will like Maybelline's more if you think Laetitia is too matte for you, but I like the real deal. By the way, I actually already bought one of these in March as a birthday gift, shade Touch of Spice, which I was allowed to swatch and you can find picture of it here and here. These are worth checking out as they are great quality lipsticks and I wish we had a larger selection of shades here. 

Have a great day!
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