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Many, many lines were written about the Eraser concealer on this blog, by that I mean pretty much glorifying epics expressing my love for it, yet I never did an actual proper review of it. Well, here is it, only a few years too late. It was almost four years ago that on one faithful day, I stumbled upon this in an Austrian DM and bought my very first tube. In all this time, I was never without one in my stash, but damn is it a hard concealer to find and that is not a good thing when you love this concealer as much as I do (update 2019: It's finally in our drugstores and as an extra bonus we have the lightest shade available 00 Ivory9. So many people are completely repulsed by the idea of the sponge applicator, but I find it absolutely brilliant because believe it or not, it actually does its job quite well. 

Texture: The formula is very light, but it contains a lot of pigment for such a texture. It's in a way a dewy formula, so you have time to blend and it does not stick to dry patches at all. This formula blends seamlessly into the skin and looks incredibly natural while covering circles and any redness.
However, I don't think I'd be comfortable using this on oily skin because it's prone to sliding off on such skin, but it should work for other types.

Coverage: I always say that the coverage is medium because I feel that's how others would describe it and it does indeed cover less than for example the Collection's one, but actually it covers all I need on my skin. Admittedly I do not suffer from monstrous dark circles, at least I think so, but this concealer covers that redness I have under the eyes well. That's how I see it and you can be the judge yourself if you think it doesn't look covered enough on my pictures. I actually always use only thin layers, so you can get more coverage out of it. It can even manage to cover spots, though some redness might still shine though, so I actually end up using my high coverage concealer stash for heavy duty tasks. I especially love using this on my nose since it's darker than the rest on my face due to freckles and I need an extra layer of coverage. This works fantastically because it doesn't look like I have a ton of foundation on my nose, but it looks so much more natural. I have on occasions used this as a foundation and it looked so good.

Picture with the old smartphone, shade Fair.

Picture with Olympus camera, shade 00 Ivory (2019 update)

Colour: I currently have two shades: the shade called Fair (03), which is kind of a pink equivalent of Bourjois' Healthy Mix Serum 51 Light Vanilla and Ivory (00) which is a very fair, neutral-cool shade that is my perfect match. I used to have another shade called Light, which is about a shade darker than Fair and more yellow toned. There are more shades available, plus they have two special shade Brightener (pink toned) and Neutralizer (yellow toned).

Staying power: I always hate this category because I never check my makeup during the day. It's obviously gone by the end of the day that's all I can say. It's not like Collection's or Nars which last forever on the skin, but if you take into account how much lighter and moisturising it is, than it's not such a surprise it doesn't last ages. One thing I have to warn you about this concealer is that it creases. However, this never bothered me much, I use powder to set it anyway and it's fine.

Packaging: It's very unique and one of my favourites. It has a twist up mechanism which delivers the product to the sponge and then you simply apply the product by swiping it or tapping, whatever is your preference. I've seen some people take off the sponge, but honestly in all these years I've never had a single breakout because of this concealer. Whether it's an unhygienic applicator or not, this doesn't affect my skin at all. The sponge is super handy, it does 90 % of the job for you, sometimes all the work actually, especially if you're like me an use thin layers, but the rest you can just quickly blend out with fingers or a brush and that's it.  

Price and availability: It's now finally sold in Slovenia (since 2017 or 2018) and we have several shades as well as Brightener and Neutralizer. It costs 9.99 € in Müller and I'm sure prices are about the same elsewhere. It's also sold in several places online.

I have raved about the Eraser extensively in the past and it remains firmly at the top of my favourite concealers. I've used up a few tubes already and there will undoubtedly be more of them. If you want full coverage, this is not for you, but if you're like me searching for the most natural looking base and concealer products, don't hesitate to try this. The combination of a very light formula and the sponge application make this a concealer that is super-fast to apply, requires very little blending and one with such a natural "of course I'm not wearing makeup" effect. I really recommend you try it, but I can't promise you that you'll like it as much as me. By the way, you can read about my favourite concealers here

Have a great day!
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