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I have this wishlist board on Pinterest and this foundation was pinned there the first day I created it years ago. I regularly checked online shops and eBay for this foundation, but it was so difficult to find and all options had high shipping costs. I finally caught a break when I found it on Salma and I didn't hesitate to order it because I feared it'd be gone fast. Why did I covet this foundation so much? Because of the shade. I remember reading on blogs that the shade is perfect for super pale complexions like mine and good fair shades are hard to find, especially in Slovenia. I hoped I'll like the formula too, but in any case that's not that big of a priority, as I use pale foundations that I don't like to mix them with my darker shades. Well, the shade is amazing for me, truly one of the best, but here's the thing - I absolutely abhorred the look of this foundation when I first got it in August. Then my skin was a bit oilier and this just felt like a greasefest of my face, however, my skin is slowly becoming more normal and I realised it's not as bad as I initially thought. I'm not sure if the formula has been changed or this was just renamed into Fit Me Luminous + Smooth (for normal to dry skin), so if it's a completely new foundation than the original Fit Me. A version for oily skin exists as well and it's called Matte + Poreless.

Texture: This is a simple light liquid foundation, not unlike many others and it's most similar to Rimmel's Match Perfection and Manhattan's Easy Match. It applies nicely and blends super easy, so from the start it looks good. However, when my skin was oilier, this was an absolute mess. It just didn't set, literally never, not even at the end of the day (checked once after several hours and it was just a mess). On the skin it felt greasy, tacky, it transferred, it moved, it slid into lines and looked oily on the skin. You accidentally quickly rub you face and this just wipes off. Imagine the mess when I answered the phone with this foundation - this is the biggest pet peeve of mine, I need my face to feel dry when I touch it. Fast forward to today, when my skin is more normal, it's looking better, but it's still not great. It's still a bit wet-silicone feeling on the skin all day and it's prone to moving, but it's not as bad as before. It again slips into lines and just looks odd around the pores.

Coverage: Coverage is about a light-medium and it's buildable. As you can see, most of my freckles are still visible with this foundation. Additional coats don't look weird and patchy, but they blend in well. Finish is dewy and shiny, just as it promises. 

Colour (110 Porcelain): This is a fantastic shade for those with a porcelain complexion and it's not only light, but also it doesn't have a too exaggerated pink or yellow undertone. It does have a warm a.k.a. yellow undertone, but it's subtle, so it's more like warm to neutral.

Compared to the lightest shade in the Fit Me concealer range, 15 Fair, the lightest foundation is much lighter. What this means is that if you're pale you can't use a foundation and concealer from the same range. 

Staying Power: It moves a lot without powder, so it can easily wipe off. The foundation is still on the face after 7 hours, but the state of it isn't that good. I'm most bothered by the "dewy/luminous" shine that looks a bit greasy, however, this quality might actually be good on really dry skin. It looks a bit odd around the pores and a bit patchy on some spots, though from far away it doesn't look too tragic.

Packaging: The bottle is great, it's glass and the new versions have a pump which is nicely precise.

Scent: It's got a pleasant creamy scent.

Ingredients: Click here.

Price and availability: I got mine on Salma for 9.55 €. I'm not sure where this shade is available in the drugstores, but it's at least in the USA.

As much as the shade is a hit, the foundation itself didn't blow me away. It's very Match Perfection like and we do not get along, especially because I hate it when the foundation never sets and I dislike the tacky feeling on my skin. I think the thing about this foundation is that it's definitely designed for dry skin, while my combination skin just can't handle all the dewy-ness of it. Maybe it's be better in winter. I'd like to give the Matte + Poreless version and try in the same shade, so I can see if it's any better.

Have a great day!
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