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In the past couple of years I've found some really good non-waterproof mascaras that manage to keep my lashes somewhat lifted and don't drop them immediately, so I've made a complete switch to regular mascaras because removing waterproof formulas every day is not the best thing for my lashes. I had the waterproof version of Lash Sensational a couple of years ago and I really liked it (despite the bad first impressions), so I was confident I'll like this one too. I've been using it for about two months now, pretty much every day and I had exactly the same experience as with the waterproof one, meaning disappointing first impressions, but in time this because a seriously impressive mascara that I consider one of the best in the drugstores.

The brush is the same as at the waterproof version, so a plastic one with a curved design and two sizes of bristles. The inward turned side with short bristles adds more product to the lashes, so it's the volume part of the mascara, while the outward part with long bristles acts as a comb for defining the lashes. I've done it both way, so starting with either side first and got the same result every time. 

When it's new the formula is thin and for the first few weeks I thought of it as an average defining mascara that doesn't do much more than tint the lashes and comb them nicely with one coat. As soon as I started applying more, it started to clump lashes together, creating clusters that made it look like I have less lashes than I do and I never achieved real volume. It also always got on my lids and this didn't happen to me with Essence's Volume Stylist or Lash Paradise. I was disappointed by it considering I've made the switch from the great Essence Volume Stylist mascara that did so much more for me. But once the formula dried a bit and thickened, this became a top performer. It creates the type of lashes I love - perfectly fanned out and defined, but voluminous and with some extra length. The effect of it is very similar to my other favourite drugstore mascara, Max Factor Voluptious except Lash Sensational has a much more comfortable brush. I feel my pictures don't do it justice (I took them twice and it just didn't end up like in real life), mostly because you can only see 2/3 of my lashes due to not being curled well, but in my opinion its effect is beautiful.

Second week of use. Three coats.

After a month and a half of use. Three coats.

In terms of holding or even creating a curl, it's nothing like a proper waterproof mascara, but it is similar to some other drugstore regular mascaras that can do the job semi-decently. My lashes without mascara are straight, so you can't even see them when looking straight on, but this mascara lifts them up a bit (you can see it on the pictures), but it's not as good as Essence Volume Stylist in keeping them there and by the middle of the day, my lashes are already hitting my glasses. 

I haven't experienced flaking with this one and it lasts all day on my lashes, but it's not waterproof, so those with eyes that tend to water, while it's not a type of mascara that makes a horrible mess, buy the waterproof one which is just as good as this one in terms of effect.

Packaging of this one is new and I'm not sure if it's limited edition. The regular version is matte, but in the a similar violet-pink shade.

I got mine in DM for. 9.29 €

Thought this was quite disappointing in the first few weeks, I'm really loving its effect now that it's thickened. It creates that type of fanned out voluminous lashes where there is no clump in sight, so it looks a lot more natural than most mascaras, but with a big effect and I can see why it remains one of the more popular formulas. I feel now that everything is compared to Lash Paradise, this is very similar once it starts performing as it should, but LP is the type of mascara that you open and it's instantly great. Compared to Essence Volume Stylist it's less volumising and lengthening, but the lashes look more polished and defined. I would consider repurchasing it because it's MF Voluptious with a nicer brush, but I do resent that I had to wait for it to become good.

Have a great day!
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