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Since its release this mascara has received a fair amount of attention. I've read quite a few of very positive reviews of both the regular and waterproof formula, but in general its rating on Makeup Alley is average, still I was itching to try it, especially since I heard this was close enough to Benefit's Roller Lash. We only have regular formula in Slovenia (if I don't count the online shop Salma, which got it recently) and I had the hardest time finding a waterproof version for months, until it magically appeared on Look Fantastic. I was so unimpressed by this mascara the first week, but things took a dramatic turn and now it's in my top three.

Brush: It has a plastic curved brush that has short bristles on the inner part of the curve and longer on the outside. I think I used it wrong at first as I used the short bristles side first, but it's much better if you use it in the reverse order. The longer bristles comb and separate the lashes, while the short bristles deposit the product and add volume.

Formula: As I said things were really bumpy from the start. I was almost at the point of hating it. The formula was too thin, but at the same time it stuck the lashes together, so it gave the appearance of half less lashes than I have. Then on a completely random 8th day of use, it got fabulous. It  now makes my lashes absolutely huge, adequately separated, long and with tons of volume. It behaves like a mascara that doesn't have a plastic comb. No idea what made this switch, but now I love it. This mascara holds curls like nobody's business. It's in the rank of Lancome's Hypnose and Essence's I Love Extreme waterproof, however, it makes the lashes more stiff than the two. In fact so stiff that I have to use an eyelash curler otherwise it's quite painful for me, since I wear glasses a lot and the lashes hit the glass, so they need to be either soft or very curled (such a stupid problem, but it's the reason I started curling my lashes at a very young age). The formula is classically very black, but be careful not to get this on the skin or do the makeup afterwards because it's difficult to clean off (almost impossible without an oil-based remover). It lasts forever on the lashes and doesn't smudge at all.

Price: Mine is from Look Fantastic where it was €11.26. 

I think it's a great mascara once it's opened for a while, but it's no smooth sailing from the start as at Essence I Love Extreme. I still love the latter more than this one, not just because of the price, but because it's amazing the moment you open it and it gives some pretty fabulous lashes. But Lash Sensational definitely gets top marks from me, especially because it manages to hold a curl on my stubborn lashes, plus I love the fabulous volume and length it gives to my lashes. Some real great stuff here and I wouldn't be surprised if I end up repurchasing it (especially if Essence discontinues I Love Extreme out of the blue).

Have a great day!
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