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This is one of the Volumin' Express mascaras that never reached Slovenia, so I got mine in a swap from Canada. It's got a flexible/bendy wand that had its brief moment several years ago and trying this mascara, I don't see the benefits of it. It's a mascara that excels that multiplying the lashes, but it has a very natural effect.

The formula of this mascara is thin, so it doesn't deposit a lot of product on the lashes, instead it more tints them. My mascara is by now quite old and that usual thickening of the formula that happens at Maybelline didn't happen with this one, at least not much. It's the type of mascara that catches every lash, defines them and creates a natural effect of a lot of lashes that are emphasised, but don't have much product on them. They also stay soft and touchable. The one thing I resent is that I need to apply a lot of layers for a regular mascara effect. 

The brush is big and bushy, but doesn't have a lot of product on, so it's great for defining the lashes. The bendy wand makes the application feel softer, it bends every time you try to push too hard against the lashes, so it occasionally prevents a messy mascara applicator and smudges on the lids, but it's not foolproof. It's also not good at "pushing" the lashes up and curling them a bit like some others. In terms of keeping the lashes curled, it's not the best, but it doesn't weight them down since it's since a lightweight formula.

Price on Maybelline's site states its $7.77.

Due to the light-weight formula and the bendy brush, you never end up with a great false lash effect or a ton of volume, instead it's a mascara that's great for those who love a very natural look. It defines and fans out the lashes perfectly, so that's its forte, but if you love big lashes, pick up their yellow version of Volumin' Express or Lash Sensational.

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