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I love felt tip eyeliners and I've tried a lot of them so far, this one is just one of the few I have at the moment and I got it at about the same time as Stila's and L'Oreal's Superstar. Everything from the shape, nib and formula reminds me of L'Oreal's Super Slim liner, which was one of my first such products and remains among my favourites. 

This eyeliner is very similar to L'Oreal's in every respect. The formula is nicely black, but not quite as black as Stila's, which is the blackest such liner I tried, however, it is comparable to other great liners. I actually much prefer the matte finish of Milani's (and L'Oreal's) than the glossy of Stila's and to an untrained eye or from far away, there won't a visible difference in terms of intensity of the black anyway. 

The shape of the nib is the same as at L'Oreal's, so it's quite long and tappers more gradually than others. The fact that is slim helps a lot at creating thin lines just along the lash line. It's a nice shape for drawing a simple line and wings. Since the nib is long, in time the tips gets less colour than at some other shapes, which means that then the flicks are more difficult to do as well as less sharp. When the tip gets drier the base remains saturated and stays like that for a really long time, so you use it to at least draw along the lashes with it.

Yanquina Waterproof Eyeliner, Stila Eyeliner,  Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner and L'Oreal Super Liner Superstar.
L'Oreal Super Liner Superstar, Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner, Stila Eyeliner and Yanquina Waterproof Eyeliner.

It lasts well on my normal lids, just as a great majority of liners, so it can last all day on me. On oily eyelids, it starts breaking down after several hours. It did get a bit patchy on some small areas sometimes, but not in a way that it would be visible, unless looking from very close. The wings do lose some intensity, but they mostly remain ok through the day. 

As far as eyeliners go, this one is a classic. It has a simple nib that's easy to use even if you're a beginner, allowing you to create thin lines and basic wings. Out of the ones I have at the moment (Stila, L'Oreal Superstar, Yanquina, Collection and Artdeco), I would choose this one for a complete beginner or for those who prefer thin lines that just define the upper lash line. The tip gets dry a bit faster compared to others, so flicks and mini corrections are harder to do in a very sharp, crisp way, but the base remains saturated with product for a really long time. 

I got mine to test for Click2Chic where it costs 7.23 €.

Have a great day!
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