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I've already done a fair amount of gushing about this blush and included it in my favourite products of 2015, even though it technically wasn't mine at the time, but now it is, since my cousin just decide to give it to me (thank you!). These have been on my wishlist for absolutely ages, actually ever since I've seen them at Holly from Eating Lipstick, when I fell in love with the design, despite not loving the original selection of colours that much. Luckily, they expanded their shade range since and I got the shade Romantic Rose which is a part of the permanent selection, but I still have some of their limited edition ones on my wishlist. 

Colour: This is basically just a touch warmer than Catrice's I'm Nuts About You, a shade I've been completely nuts about for a couple of years now and it's my favourite blush ever - well now it's tied with this one. It's one of those difficult to describe shades because it's like a mix of a blush and a bronzer, but best I can describe it is as a muted natural brownish warm pink shade and it's a type of shade that goes with literally anything and it's excellent for combining with red and vampy shades. I think it's perfect.

Texture: It's nicely pigmented and I quickly get enough colour for my (pale) cheeks. Some say it looks a bit powdery and it takes more work to blend, but I don't find it so and it's like a regular good blush to me. The finish looks matte to me. 

Staying power: Staying power is comparable to Catrice's blush, which tends to last well on me. It lasts at least 8 hours (that's when I checked once and it was still looking good), but at the end of the day, it's mostly faded.

Packaging: It comes in a plastic case in that typical Milani greenish gold tone, but the stunningly gorgeous design inside steals the spotlight, so you don't really take notice of the exterior that much. The design will disappear with use, which is a tragedy, but it's just makeup. I already dropped a nail polish on it while taking pictures, I'm still disgusted by myself, but luckily it survived well. 

I'm completely smitten with this blush, I seriously just adore it. It shot up into my all-time favourites lightening fast. I love the shade, the quality is great and the design is out of this world. I just feel a bit silly now for not getting it sooner. I still have shades American Beauty Rose, Blossomtime Rose, Awakening Rose and maybe also Flora Passion on my wishlist and I hope I won't be delaying again until they disappear from the shelves as the first three are limited edition. 

You can find them on these websites: Milani Cosmetics EU 9.16 €; Milani Cosmetics USA $7.99; Beauty Crowd, £7.20; Beauty Joint, $9.99; Moja Drogerija, 14.41 € and Click2Chic, 10.46 € (last two are Slovene). 

Have a great day!
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