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You might remember I reviewed one of these before, a shade called Romantic Rose, which became an instant favourite, since I discovered these aren't merely eye candy, but truly a great quality blushes. Because I love these so much, I wanted to get more shades and I picked Blossomtime Rose first because I heard it's a classic peachy-pink shade and one with a glow. It's a part of a limited edition, but it's been available for a long time now, so I'm hoping they might make it permanent.

Texture: Compared to Romantic Rose, the texture is harder and it takes more effort to get the colour going on the cheeks (I use a denser blush brush), but the pigmentation is ok. It doesn't look powdery or patchy on the cheeks and it blends nicely. The fact that the texture is harder also means that the pattern isn't disappearing as fast.

Colour and finish: Blossomtime Rose is a coral blush with a gold sheen. Original blushes had no shimmer, but as far as my research went, all three from the limited edition (aside from this one also Awakening Rose and American Beauty Rose) have shimmer. This translates into a lovely glow on the cheeks, actually pretty intense on me and it reminds me a lot of the effect that  theBalm's  Hot Mama and Mary-Lou Manizer create. Originally I thought it's going to be similar to Nars' Orgasm, but's in fact a lot more coral-peachy and it's actually very, very similar to theBalm's Hot Mama, but also to Benefits' Coralista, only the latter has a more champagne glow. 

Staying power: The swatch that made on the back of my hand was actually difficult to remove, which I've never experienced with any powder product and it does indeed last well on the cheeks, providing of course, the base underneath is stable, but high-end blushes still last longer.

Packaging: A plastic case painted slightly greenish gold. It's a thick plastic making it sturdier than most.

Price and availability: I got mine on Beauty Joint for 9.99 $. Slovene readers can get it on Click2Chic and Moja Drogerija.

This was already featured in my latest monthly favourites, so it was obviously a hit. Before I got it I read reviews calling this a dupe for Nars Orgasm, but lets face it - everything with a hint of peachy-pinkness is instantly called a dupe for that famous shade, like no other such shade exists in this world *rolls eyes*. However, I think it's a lot more similar to the more coral Hot Mama and Coralista, despite that they look completely different in the pan. It's actually a very decent dupe for the first one, but the quality isn't the same (Hot Mama is spectacularly amazing quality). I really love these blushes and I hope I get more, at least Awakening Rose.

Have a great day!
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