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Tension pacts are version of the popular cushion foundations and have a mesh over the compartment with the (in this case cream) foundation instead of a sponge soaked with foundation. After trying my first classic cushion compact by Tony Moly (a Pokemon edition) the whole concept really appealed to me as these are so great when you have 5 minutes to do your makeup. So I searched for more such products for me, at the top of my list were A'Pieu Air Fit #13 (I hear the shade is very pale), Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion and Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Cushion Foundation (I tested it quickly in Müller and it looks very promising), but then I saw this one while searching for reviews of a powder in the same line. There weren't many reviews about this, let alone swatches, but those few reviews that exist were very positive. This is a part of a Missha's popular anti-age line Geum Sol and it contains ginseng water.

Texture & coverage: First few dabs on the tension fabric produced a very watered down result that had little coverage, but I soon got to the good stuff. It's a product with a light texture, similar to Tony Moly cushion and due to both the packaging and application with a sponge, it's a type of product that you can only build up slowly, meaning first coat offers light coverage, while applying it with a finger or brush on specific areas gives a medium coverage. You can easily build it up with no problems to a medium coverage all over the face, however, I'm not a fan of doing that at this foundation and the reason for this is that we are talking about a classic Korean foundation, meaning this never really sets, so in a thick coat this ends up sticky and the feeling lasts all day. That's actually my pet peeve at foundations, so I stick to one layer that gives me light coverage and then apply an extra layer with a brush or a clean finger just where I need more coverage, so under the eyes and on spots. 

Just foundation with no extra concealer. It covers the redness and the under eye area ok, but for that spot on the cheek I'd definitely use a concealer. It is freshly applied on the second set of pictures and in a thick coat, so you can see the dewy shine.

Finish: The way I apply it, so in one layer, on my combination skin with moderately oily T-zone and normal/occasionally dry cheeks, it has a very dewy/shiny finish from the start which is too much for me and I'd normally use powder with such foundations, but it sets on its own to a satin finish with a healthy dose of radiance. It makes the skin look natural beautiful, so you never get that obvious foundationey look, instead it looks like your skin, but it's just more even and not fully covered or porcelain doll perfect. It hides the pores a bit, doesn't emphasise lines and it just looks like your skin, but better. I think this is probably one of the best foundation for mature skin that is either normal or dry, however those who are looking for a lot of coverage and get shiny over the day, I just feel this isn't for you. Applied in a thicker coat or two layers, it remains very shiny and dewy, plus as I already said also sticky.

Shade: I have the lightest shade out of three called 01 Bright Light. Shade-wise I missed. I hoped, since it's Missha and they have shade #13 in their BB's that this will be light too, but it's a bit too dark for me, I'd say somewhere between NC15-20. Korean BB's tend to lean grey, including Missha's Signature BB cream I used to own, but this is a warm shade, meaning it has a yellow-slightly peachy undertone. Compared to my other foundations, I'd say Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum 51 is closest, but more yellow. It's about a shade darker than my best fit Maybelline Fit Me 110

Staying power: Due to it looking so natural, it's hard to see when it completely disappears, but it does last the usual 5-6 hours and very likely longer. I wear it without powder, even though it fixes the stickiness problem.

Scent: it has a chemical, slightly floral scent. It's among stronger foundation scents as it usual for K-Beauty, but I don't notice it on the face, just when I'm applying it.

Packaging: This is way, way prettier than in any picture I've seen before buying it. Some might see it as a bit tacky, but I just love the look of it. The sides are rose gold, which I didn't know when I ordered it and the nude-peachy top has this holographic shimmer that's only visible under light. Inside it has a mesh with a lace cut-outs which are show up as a pattern of the puff when you dab it on the mesh (sadly they included a nude puff instead of black, so it's not that visible, but I showed you the pattern on Tony Moly's puff). The foundation compartment is protected with an extra cap on which the puff sits and included is also a mirror. 

Price and availability:  I bought mine of Jolse when it had a discount so I paid $24.78, but prices vary a lot, so if you plan to get it, really explore all your options (shops like Tester Korea and various sellers on eBay) to find the best price.

At first I was very much in love with this, but the longer I have it, the more the tackiness bothers me, so I reach for my other foundations more. However, this is still my first choice when I'm really in a hurry because it gets the job done fast and I don't mind the coverage is low. The shade is a bit disappointing for me, since their #13 in BB creams is my perfect match, but this is something like the lightest shade in most foundation ranges here and since I apply it in a thin coat, it's not that obvious it's darker than my natural skin tone. The compact is beautiful and a decoration on any table, plus the lace mesh makes it that more special. Like I said above I think it's best suited for normal-dry and mature skin and for those who I like a very natural finish.

Have a great day!
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