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I think it was last month that Misslyn launched Let's Be Mermaids collection, which contains a few highlighters in pretty boxes, a mermaid tail makeup brush and a few colourful liquid eyeliners. Misslyn has become known for their retro & cute cardboard packaging, which were originally a part of their Pop Art limited edition, but they added the products to their regular line and expanded the shade range as well as added more products. Quality of their powders has always been mixed, with some great stuff like their bronzers (I got the darkest one a while ago, but I reviewed it nonetheless here) and their more powdery formulas of blushes, highlighter and mattifying powder. But this collection really surprised me with the quality, especially this highlighter that convinced me to get it for my birthday. There are two other highlighters, one is gold which is just excellent quality and will work great for warm undertones, and the other is a pink creamy one, which is the least glowy of the three.   

This is my third rainbow highlighter and it's the first one I like when all the colours are mixed together. It consist of several shades - blue, green, yellow, peach, lilac and purple, but the largest stripes in this are luckily the nicest shades (yellow, peach and violet) which means that when you mix the colours together you get a beautiful pinky tone. The other rainbow highlighter that I kept in my collection, the I Heart Makeup Unicorn Heart has the largest stripes with blue and green, so if I mix it together, I get a highlight with a green tone. For that reason I only use the yellow and red part of the highlighter, so I get a nice champagne glow, which at this highlighter is super strong. The Misslyn highlighter is less intense than I <3 Makeup, which means to most it'll be more wearable. It has very finely milled shimmer, so it really looks just like a beautiful glow on the cheek with no sparkles. If you missed that massive Catrice highlighter from the Kaviar Gauche limited edition, this has the same type of glow on the cheek and in my opinion these two are some of the best highlighters I've tried so far.

Formula is smooth and silky, it really is so much better than Misslyn's Glow for it highlighter which always swatched so powdery and not particularly glowy when I was in the shop, so I never considered it a highlighter worth purchasing. This mermaid one applies nicely and it's easy to blend in, I tend to use a thick eyeshadow blending brush for application.

Packaging is cardboard with a mirror and it has a magnetic closing system. All three highlighters have a different mermaid, mine has a blond girl with a rainbow tail, which was actually my least favourite, but it's the product that matters.

It cost 7.99 € in Müller. Misslyn is also sold on Beauty Bay, but I'm not sure if they sell limited editions too.

This is a great buy and a drugstore gem, so I hope that just like the Pop Art collection Misslyn adds this to their regular line. The quality of the powder is a lot better than their other highlighter in the regular line and it truly creates a lovely glow on the cheeks, so if you see it in the shop and you're in a need of a highlighter, this one is worth considering. It may look like it's just for kids, but you're missing out if you're reluctant to try it because of the packaging.

Have a great day!
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