Tips Mixing Foundations: How to get a Neutral Undertone

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I'm one of those "unlucky" women that has a neutral undertone as well as the fact that I'm super pale. Why do I say unlucky? Well, although I'm fond of my undertone, pretty much every company that makes foundations (especially the drugstore ones), makes them either yellow or pink, but almost no one does a neutral undertone, which is a crying shame. So even if you find a nice match in terms of how light the foundation is, the wrong undertone still makes the foundation look off.

So what do I do? The most obvious thing in the word - I mix one of my yellow foundations with a pink one and I get a perfect match for my skin. It's rather amazing when you find your perfect match for the first time, it looks astonishingly natural.
By the way, I find the easiest way to determine ones undertone is to look at the colour on veins on your wrist. Blue veins indicate a pink a.k.a. cool undertone and green indicate a yellow a.k.a. warm undertone. Mine are blue-green, therefore I have neutral undertone, but you can really tell what is your proper undertone the more foundations you try.

So here are my pale foundations according to their undertones (swatches and comparisons are in the reviews).

The yellow one:
BOURJOIS Healthy Mix Serum 51
Bourjois in general makes very yellow light foundations.

The yellow-neutral one (darkest in the bunch):
BOURJOIS 123 Perfect CC Cream 31 Ivory

The neutral one, but with a slight greyish tint:
MISSHA M Signature Complete BB cream #13
It's the palest shade I ever found and my best match.

The pink ones:
DIOR Diorskin Nude BB Creme 001

RIMMEL Match Perfection Foundation 010 Light Porcelain

I use Rimmel's Match Perfection in most combinations because due to a pink undertone, it makes the yellow foundation neutral as well as it's a super light foundation, so it also lightens the foundation (by the way, there are a few Rimmel foundations in 010 Light Porcelain shade). Even though, texture-wise it was never a foundation I liked, I've finished a bottle of it faster than any foundation before. The neutral Missha BB also helps the yellow foundation to be more neutral. Catrice's Nude Illusion in the lightest shade 010 Nude Ivory is another neutral foundation, however, it is darker and I have to mix it with a lighter shade.

My favourite combinations for my skin tone are Healthy Mix Serum with either Rimmel Match Perfection or Dior Nude BB Creme. The first combination creates a dewy foundation and the second a satin one. I also love the combination of Bourjois CC cream with Rimmel Match Perfection

Do you mix your foundations? Have a great day!
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