Tips Models Own Chrome and Hypergel Nail Polishes

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Some new shades where released in Models Own Hypergel and Chrome line. I got four, two from each. I have one old shade from the Hypergel line, the stunning pastel violet-taupe Midsummer Mauve, and now I got Cashmere Rose and Robin Red. From Chrome Collection I got Chrome Grey and Chrome Copper.

HyperGel Red Robin and Cashmere Rose 

I have a soft spot for gel nail polishes. They all perform so well including the pastels. Hypergel are the thickest such nail polishes I tried, but it's again a fully opaque formula and it evens itself out on the nails plus it has a high shine. The brush is wide, but a nice shape. These are fantastic for ombre manicures with a sponge.

Hypergel Cashmere Rose

Cashmere Rose is a cute pastel warm pink shade. It needs two coats for a nice even finish.

Hypergel Red Robin

Robin Red is an interesting warm red with a retro feel as if it's a bit desaturated, almost like you put an picture ageing filter on red. It's supposed to imitate the colour of the robin bird. It needs one to two coats for full opacity.

Chrome Grey and Chrome Copper

I first heard about the Chrome line from Taya, who reviewed shades Cerise and Silver, and most recently also Turquoise. She's more into nail polishes, so I suggest you read her review too. Chrome line imitates metals, which translates into a metallic-frosty finish. Models Own suggests you wear them without a top coat and base coat for best effect. You should also smooth the surface of the nails with a nail file, only then apply 2-3 layers of nail polish. These are very pigmented and I find that one coat works best for me because it has that frosty effect with ridges and two coats make it uneven as well as too thick, unless you're used to work fast and you make sure you have enough product on the brush (on my pictures it's mostly just one coat). But one coat chips fast. The wide brush allows you to work fast. The nails polish dries fast as it's usual for such nail polishes. These are excellent for stamping, even I gave it a shot with my poor Essence kit and it worked well.

Chrome Grey

Chrome Grey is a silver-grey shade, a gunmetal colour. I love the look of this one, it looks killer on the nails.

Chrome Copper

Chrome Copper is more of a rosey copper than the bottle indicates as well as lighter. I would even call it rose gold, though they actually have another shade called that. It's one coat one the nails except on the ring ringer.

These are all from Click2Chic where all cost 5.95 € a piece. International readers can get them on Asos.

Have a great day!
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