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Before I received this in the mail, it's been a while since I've used a gel eyeliner. Since I found felt tip eyeliners, all others seem too fussy to use. My particular pet peeve is cleaning the brush after each use if I want a nice result. I used to own Essence's and Mac's gel eyeliner, and when I first tried this Models Own one, the dry texture of it surprised me and not in a good way.

I don't quite understand why they decided to make the formula so dry. It's very strange actually how when you swipe some product from the pot and it reveals the moist layer below and by the next day that part is dry again. I'm not terribly fond of that as I have a feeling it will dry out really fast. The thick formula and consequential lack of fluidity means that's it's more difficult to do a sharp line. It's not impossible as you'll see from the pictures, but you end up with a much thicker line because you have to fix it a lot. I'm especially having problems with creating a sharp flick. Because it's so dry, a lot of the pigmentation is lost. I need to go over the line a few times to get a proper opaque line, which means sharp edges are challenging to do. Thin lines end up looking softer because of the diffused edges, so it's a similar effect to using an eyeshadow. 

The one thing that did impress me was the staying power as it lasts very well on the lids. Sometimes flicks stay all day, sometimes they don't, but the main line survives the day well on my normal lids.

 Thin line attempt.

A crisper, but thick line.

I'm not a fan of the added brush. I dislike the shape of it and it very difficult to do a flick with it. It would need to be at least cut at an angle. For the two looks above I used Alverde's and Essence's gel eyeliner brushes.

I just think this is too dry. It's not useless, but very difficult to work with and I don't have the patience for it. It should be a lot more fluid to be able to create more precise lines, but at least the staying power is nice. I much prefer using felt tip liners because I can create thin lines and they are so much easier to use. 

Models Own is sold on their website and Asos. Gel eyeliner costs £4.99.

Gel eyeliner so mi poslali iz Click2Chic. Izdelke Models Own lahko najdete tukaj, moj najljubši eyeliner pa je tukaj

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