Tips (Mostly) Drugstore Concealers - Favourites and Really Good Ones

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I've tried quite a few of concealers so far, drugstore and high-end, and I found some really good drugstore concealers that perform as well if not better than high-end ones. My main concern is redness under my eyes (I've always had it, even when I was a child), I don't suffer from much breakouts. I've already reviewed most of these concealers and you can find some reviews here ->click

My absolute favourite concealer so far. I think it might be my HG concealer, it's just so good. It offers a lot of coverage, however, it looks very natural on the skin and not at all cakey. Mine is in the shade light (this is the second lightest shade, one even lighter one is called fair), which matches my skin perfectly no matter whether I'm selftanning or not (so it matches me when I'm NC15 or NC20-25). It has a peachy undertone, which really brightens up the under eye area. The sponge applicator works really well, although I still have to blend it a bit with my finger. It even covers some small blemishes. The only problem is that it's not sold in Slovenia (God knows why) and the closest place for me to buy it is Croatia. It is priced 10€. Highly recommended.

ArtDeco Perfect Teint Illuminator
This was one of my first ever concealers and I've repurchased it I think three times so far. Well, it's not as much of a concealer as illuminator, so basically a poor man's Touché Eclat. I never owned the famous YSL version, but this one is pretty good. I use it mostly on my under eye area, but it can also be used anywhere you would apply your highlighter, so on the top of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupids bow, etc. It's not the best at covering, but that's not what it promises to do anyway. It works best in conjunction with some other concealer with heavier coverage and it really brightens up the area. Mine is the the shade 8, which has yellow undertones and there is another shade that is more pink. It is priced somewhere around 10€. 

Rimmel Match Perfection concealer
My second favourite concealer so far. It has quite a lot of coverage, it's even good for covering blemishes and looks very nice on the skin, so not cakey. I have the lightest shade called 010 Ivory which is comparable with Healthy Mix 51 or Mac's NC 15. It also has illuminating properties, which is great for under eye area. The applicator is a brush and you have to squeeze the tube for the product to come out. As well as with the Maybelline one, this one is not available in Slovenia (Rimmel in general is not sold here) and I also had difficulties finding it in Croatia (Zagreb), so I got mine in France for around 8€, but you can get it online on Highly recommended.

Essence Stay All Day concealer
It's a really nice concealer especially given the price (around 3-4€). It is actually quite pigmented for a drugstore concealer. I find the coverage sufficient enough for dark circles and even some small spots, however it's still quite light. It has a doe foot applicator, which honestly I like a lot as it makes the application really easy. But there are two problems: first is that it comes in only two shades (10 Natural Beige and 20 Soft Beige) and both run very light. I own both, 10 is suited for very pale skins (Healty mix 51) and has yellow undertones, while 20 is just a tad darker (Healthy mix 52) and has pinker undertones. So for anyone darker than that unfortunately Essence doesn't offer a good colour match. Second is that it oxidises very fast on the skin. By that I mean that when you apply it, the colour turns a bit darker and orange, however, when you blend in, it looks fine. So it's not such a big problem as more of a bit of a nuisance. It is one of the best drugstore concealers available in Slovenia and one of the easiest to get, since it's sold in almost every drugstore.   

theBalm Time Balm concealer
The heavies concealer of the bunch. The texture is very thick, but not that hard to blend. I prefer to apply it with fingers because it just blends better with the skin. Unfortunately, this concealer does not work well on dry skin. It clings to every dry patch so make sure you moisturise before using it. The coverage is full, works well on dark circles and blemishes, but really make sure the area is moisturised. It feels quite thick under the eyes, so I prefer to use other concealer and I use this one on blemishes. The shade I have is Lighter than Light which is comparable to NW15 (pink undertones). Original review can be found here ->click. It the most expensive out of these five and also my least favourite, but you can get it on

Hope this helps and thanks for reading!
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