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Time for the last part of my MUA haul (Part I, Part II). At a very affordable price, 1£ a piece, I could hardly say no these two. The pair are the cheapest lipsticks I own and I dare say the quality is not lacking because of that. I wanted the shade 15 Juicy for a while - well ever since I saw it on Katie's blog. I decided to get shade 13 after researching extensively on the internet what other shades I find appealing. Both are creamy and pigmented, they just glide over the lips. Both last long on the lips, red lasts longer of course, but even the light shade lasted about five hours.The packaging is nice, doesn't feel flimsy like from some others inexpensive brands. The end part can be screwed off and there is more more lipstick inside. While the red felt very photogenic, my camera refused to capture the real beauty of Juicy in the top picture (however, others pictures are very accurate). I found the picture on Beauty Quest Blog here to be the closest.

15 Juicy is a very peachy shade, but with a hint of pink. It's a brighter shade and it does stand out. It's similar to Barry M 147 peachy pink, but perhaps a touch less orange and with a much creamier formula. Since it is a lighter shade, it does emphasize dry patches, so make sure your lips are as smooth as they can be. My lips do get drier with passing hours when I'm wearing it, so dry patches become very apparent and it's doesn't look that nice up close. The colour is still very vivid, though. I do enjoy wearing peach shades and this is definitely one of the prettiest and appropriate for even someone as pale as me, however, my lips have to be  perfect and moisturised to be able to wear it.

13 is an orange based red, very bright, in fact the brightest and lightest red I own so far. Again the formula is very creamy and pigmented. However, since it's a darker shade it lasts longer and nicer on the lips. Even after hours no dry patches appear. It's not that hard to find a cheap red shade of good quality and this one is no exception. It lasts long and wears off nicely leaving a stain behind.  

It's Christmas tomorrow and I've baked a ton of cookies. Inspired by that I dug up my vanilla fragrance from Yves Rocher, because it's the most cookie smelling vanilla I've ever tried and I mix it with Noix de Coco eau de toilette. So now I smell like a pastry shop. Thanks for reading and happy Christmas! 
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