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It's been a long time since I last shared a My Beauty Box, but in the mean time they expanded to other markets and their boxes are now available all over Europe plus as far as I know also worldwide. February's box, which is still available by the way, is like last year's, Valentine inspired. There are six items in the box: two full sizes, two travel sizes and two satchel masks. It costs 12 € + shipping which varies depending on the country, but if you subscribe to it monthly it's 20% off. It's still packaged beautifully in a violet box with pretty tissue paper and bows, so they make a nice gift. So what's inside:

CIATÉ Paint Pots Nail Polish 
February box contained a full size Ciate nail polish and in a shade that looks so gorgeous in the bottle, it just made me gasp when I saw it. I love these greyish pastel blues, however, on my nails it's more grey than blue, which to me made it a bit boring. It needs two coats and it wears well, I got no chips during wear before I got tired of it and removed it (like always with Seche Vite on top). It's a lot better in terms of quality as my other Ciate Sugared Almonds whose formula is very annoying. 
I think these are 9 € in DMs

ESSIE Nail Wraps 
Love to Love You

Following the Valentine's theme, the box contains a pack of Essie nail stickers with a love poem design. I have very narrow nails and most look way too wide for me, so a lot of cutting will be involved and I couldn't be bothered, so sorry no demonstration for this, but I found you a good review here and Sara also already tried them. Apparently these are quite good.
12.90 € in My Beauty Shop.

BATISTE Dry Shampoo 
Last year's box also contained a travel size of Batiste dry shampoo, I got Cherry that time which is also in some of these month's boxes, but I got a different scent for me to try, though I think I've smelled this one at someone before. Blush version has a sweet floral scent, but I can't say which flowers there are. It's not roses, peonies, freesia or any fresh smelling flowers, but it kind of reminds me of the orchid note used in L'Occitane fragrances. It's a very feminine scent and I quite like it. For some reason this bottle made my hair very white, maybe it just wasn't mixed well.
3.5 € on My Beauty Shop

LAVERA Organic Wild Rose Intensive Face Mask 
I don't like traditional granny rose scents and this one is a typical representative of that fragrance, but I sucked it up and used it anyway, actually I've been using at night for the past three days. The packet contains a very generous 10 ml, so you can transfer it into a pot because it's impossible to use all at once. It's a very thick moisturiser that fixed my dry patches overnight and it absorbed completely by the morning. So far I didn't notice it causing me any spots and my skin looks pretty happy.

LAVERA Hair Pro Repair & Care Treatment 
A hair mask for damaged hair that contains argan and avocado oil as the most notable ingredients. You get 20 ml, which based on my experience isn't enough for middle back length hair, but it should be plenty for shorter. Its silicone free and also vegan if you're looking for something like that. Given my previous disappointing experience with Lavera hair products, I skipped on using this one because my hair is currently too dry for testing products that probably won't be enough. Last year I tried their Bio Almond and Bio Macadamia Oil Natural Shine Intensive Care, which did nothing for my hair. 
1.5  €

WELEDA Wild Rose Pampering Body Wash
This one was a part of the last year's box, as you can see things tend to repeat. Again it's rose scented, but thankfully this one doesn't have the intense granny rose scent in the shower, though I can smell it straight from the bottle, but in the shower it's got a more citrusy herbal scent. The texture is like a lotion, thick, but runny and it doesn't foam much, but it does feel nice for dry skin. 

Have a great day!

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