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After the February's Valentines inspired My Beauty Box, they shifted their focus on organic, vegan and bio products for the March edition. This time it contains six products instead of the usual five, well technically it's seven, since it also contains a Lind chocolate bunny who met his end the moment I snapped the last picture. Price of the box is still 12 € plus shipping and you can get it here (only for Slovene residents)

It's a nicely varied box with mix of makeup, skin care and hair care. Mine contained the following product: a sample of Lily Lolo Star Dust Illuminating Shimmer, a sample bottle of Khadi Ayurvedic Face & Body Oil Rose, full size Lavera Soft Lipliner 03 Red, full size Lavera Eyeshadow Base, a sample of Farfalla Nutri & Repair Shampoo Marron-Jojoba and a sample of Weleda Citrus shower cream. I believe at least the shampoo and shower cream type vary from box to box.

LAVERA Soft Lipliner 
03 Red
Strange they called this red. I mean it is a red, but a more complex one. It's a muted medium peachy-red shade, an interesting colour and I like it. The texture of the liner is nothing exciting, but nice. It's soft enough that you easily get pay-off without tugging on the lips and it's still firm enough to get a precise edge. It can catch on dry patches (most liners do anyway) and some may find it drying, but it's fine to me. The closest formula I can compare them to would be Catrice Longlasting liners, which I like a lot. Staying power is nice, it wears several hours, but it can get patchy with time when worn alone.

LILY LOLO Star Dust Illuminating Shimmer

I had to check what this is because I thought it was an eyeshadow/highlighter, but when I realised it's way too light to be that, I realised it's a subtle highlighting mineral finishing powder which can be used all over the face. It's tinted yellow in the pot, but that's not visible on the face, instead it has more of a champagne glow if you build it up. It's very subtle, so I think it's better suited as an illuminating face powder rather than a proper highlighter, as in that case you use up a thicker layer than of a usual highlighter. I quite like this because it looks very natural on the skin giving that soft focus glow, but shimmer may show up under strong summer sun.

LAVERA Eyeshadow Base
I don't know what this is but it's no base. It's very wet from the start, so you always end up with too much to apply on the eyelids. It then suddenly starts to dry into this film like layer that can flake off. Does it prolong the staying power of eyeshadows? It don't think that it contributed anything significant to staying power, certainly nothing like primers from non-natural brands. The packaging is great though, this is how I believe every eye primer should be packaged.

 I used Lily Lolo over the Lavera Eyeshadow Base as an eyeshadow.

KHADI Ayurvedic Face & Body Oil 
This comes in a 100 ml size, mine is a 10 ml sample. It contains a blend of rice bran oil, sesame oil, wheat germ oil, flax seed oil, palmarosa oil, jamrosa oil and geranium oil. What each does read here. Mine is the rose version and I really dislike rose scent, this one is no exception, as it has that awful, stuffy grandma rose scent. It's a medium consistency oil and it does what every other oil does, intensely nourishes the skin and improves the appearance. The quality of the oil is lovely, but I'd pick a different scent.

WELEDA Citrus shower cream
This is basically the same thing as I got in the last box, which was the rose version, but this is a much more pleasant scent to me. It has a scent of Alverde's lemon-rosemary body oil (Cellulite Körperöl), citrusy and uplifting. The texture is the same as at rose version, so like a thin body lotion that foams ok and is nice for dry skin. Likeable.

FARFALLA Nutri & Repair Shampoo 
Oh, I disliked this the moment squeezed the first blob on my palm. This is every Alverde's shampoo. That awful thin, slightly jelly-slimy consistency that doesn't foam or do anything really. I really dislike natural shampoos, I'm sorry. They just do nothing. The scent of it is annoying as well, that typical natural scent. I'm very demanding when it comes to shampoo and this doesn't cut it for my super dry hair. Farfalla is a Swiss brand and they have several versions of shampoo, which you can find here

Did you like the contents of this box? Have a great day! 

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