Tips My Favourite 5 Nail Polishes This Summer

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These are the five nail polishes I've been wearing over and over again this Summer:

1. Ciate - Sugared Almonds (on my thumb, left top picture): a pink nude shade, needs 2-3 coats for an even application as it tends to go streaky. It's quite expensive for a nail polish, I bought it online on Lič for almost 14€, but it is one of my most worn colours. Here is another swatch click

2. Depend - Holographic 2025 (index finger, top right picture): a silver holographic shade, needs 3 coats for full coverage. One of my absolute favourite shades. I got mine in DM for around 4€. Here is another swatch click

3. Essence - Season Extreme's TE in Bright Alert! (middle finger, bottom left picture): a super bright coral-pink shade (almost neon), needs 3 coats for full coverage. My other favourite shade this summer, but a colour that is incredibly unphotogenic. I tried every setting I could find on my camera to come close to the shade. It's very close in the first (intro) picture, just a more bright and coral. The same goes for the swatch picture on the bottom left and just ignore the other one's where it looks orange. This definitely my most worn colour this summer, too bad it limited edition.

4. Barry M - 305 Pink Flamingo (ring finger, bottom left picture): a pink with a hint of coral, needs 1 coat. Barry M has one of my favourite formulas, it's never streaky and very pigmented (one coat is enough, but I put one more just in case). Here is another swatch click.

5. Depend - 245 (little finger, bottom right picture): a pastel mint green shade, needs 2 coats. I adore mint green shades and I have quite a few of them already (even though some look just identical). It all started with Essie Mint Candy Apple, Depend 245 is actually quite a spot on dupe for it as is You Belong to Me from Essence, and I keep all of them on my vanity because I have the whole mint green theme going there. 

My collection of mint green shades: Essence 73 Replay (discontinued), Season of Extremes Did Someone Say Nude?, You Belong to Me, Essie Mint Candy Apple and Depend 245.

Thanks for reading!
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