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I was tagged to do this post ages ago by Taya and I actually had the pictures ready for months as well. Now I'm actually thinking I may have done this tag too fast because I just got the Urban Decay's Naked2 Basics palette and Catrice's Absolute Matt palette, which I both use daily and love to bits. But then my choice of eyeshadows would be even harder, so let's just keep the original selection and I'll talk about those two awesome palettes at a later date.

This tag was created by a Youtuber Carah Amelie, here is the link to her video. The rules are simple, the choices are hard, but your ideal palette should contain 10 eyeshadows combining 2 highlighting shades, 2 lid colours, 2 crease colours, 2 outer V shades and 2 extra colours. The last detail is that you describe your ideal packaging.

I'm still very much a newbie when it comes to this eyeshadow business and I'm a matte eyeshadow girl through and through, but still my choices were not that easy. Here they are.

Highlight Colour: URBAN DECAY W.O.S.
from the Naked Basics Palette
A matte pink-toned skin colour base colour. I don't actually use a highlighting shade under the brow due to my hooded eye shape, as it emphasizes the hooded part of the lid, but I do use this shade as a base all over the lid and as a blending-out colour. This shade fits my undertone a bit better than Foxy from the same palette, though they are very similar on the skin.

 Highlight Colour: URBAN DECAY Sin 
from the Naked Palette
A shimmery light rose-pink toned highlighting shade. Though I don't use a highlighter under the brow, I do use it sometimes in the inner corner and I find this shade the best for the job. I also love this shade all over the lid paired with a matte taupe-brown in the crease.

Lid Colour: MAC Satin Taupe
A taupe-brown with a purple hue and a satin finish. This is such a classic eyeshadow and one of the most popular MAC colours. It works so well with my eye colour. It's nice for an everyday look or a smoky eye, it just depends on with what you pair it.  

Lid Colour: URBAN DECAY Smog
from the Naked Palette
A bronze-brown with gold shimmer. This is a fantastic colour for a bronze smoky eye and again it's a colour that emphasizes my eye colour. I don't usually wear strong eye looks because due to my hooded shape they don't really come to focus, but when I do wear it, I use this on the lid with a darker shade in the outer V. I also love this shade on the lower lash line paired with a classic neutral taupe look that I do everyday, to add a bit of a twist to the makeup.

A classic matte taupe. This is my favourite eyeshadow ever and by far the best performing matte ever. I adore the colour, the texture, staying power - everything. I tend to wear it in the crease.

Crease Colour: MAC Wedge
A matte medium neutral brown shade. It's a classic crease shade and a transition colour.The texture is hard, especially compared to Urban Decay's, L'Oreal's or Catrice's , but I love it for the colour. This is perfect for contouring as well.

Outer Corner Shadow: URBAN DECAY Faint
From the Naked Basics Palette
A deep cool toned brown. I adore this for the outer corner. It adds just the right amount of depth and definition. 

Outer Corner Shadow: MAC Mulch
A red-brown with bronze pearl. I struggled which shade to put here and I didn't pick my favourite because I believe it's discontinued or at least hard to track down. I'm talking about L'Oreal's Infallible eyeshadow in Endless Chocolat. Mulch is similar, but a bit lighter and not as pigmented. Most companies have a deep chocolate shade with gold shimmer, Catrice's Liquid Metal in 090 Nougat It Right comes to mind as the most affordable and of great quality. 

A very shimmery soft golden taupe. I used to wear this all the time as it's such a quick eyeshadow do use - just apply with fingers and blend a bit with a fluffy brush. It has a very shimmery, almost liquid metal finish, so it's nice for special occasions.

Bonus Shadow: MAC Patina
A light antiqued gold with gold shimmer. This is without a doubt one of the most unique eyeshadows I've ever seen. I've never ever heard of a dupe for it. It doesn't look like much in the pan, but on the eyes it's a stunner. Again, it brings out the blue in my eyes. My only little complaint is that I wish it'd be more pigmented as it needs to be build up for intensity even on my super pale complexion. 

Palette Packaging
I like things small and compact, so something like Naked Basics palette is superb, but an even more appealing packaging to me would be that of a Smashbox Full Exposure Mini, which fits into the palm of the hand. The colour would, of course, be mint green and I'd also like a decent mirror.

So that would be my ideal palette, however, I could easily just pick these three palettes in the last picture and have everything I need. Both Naked Basics palettes and Catrice's Absolute Matt are palettes I use on a daily basis, plus that L'Oreal Breaking Nude eyeshadow, of course. They contain all the taupe-neutral colours I'll ever need and the quality of the matte eyeshadows is brilliant.

I'm not going to tag anyone specific because it's an old tag and I don't know who's done it already, but feel free do to it if you like it.

Have a great day!
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