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A couple of months ago I made a post for the other blog I write at about makeup organisation tips and it was really well received. Since it was in Slovene and all of the makeup on the pictures was only that which is sold in their online shop, I wanted to create a version with my actual makeup vanity and all the products I own. I've actually done one of such posts a very long time ago, before I had this vanity and just for the kicks you can see it here. My vanity is partly bought and partly homemade based on my ideas, since I have some very handy people around who made my drawings, plans and calculations into a reality. The desk is custom build from Ikea with the Alex drawer unit, a Linnmon table top (120 cm x 60 cm) and Adils legs. The mirror is recycled from an old vanity, the shelves are all custom made and set based on my design and calculations, including the glass ones, only the metal brackets are again from Ikea (Ekby Bjärnum).

This is just how my makeup is currently set on my vanity. While the drawer's organising structure never changes, the vanity does all the time. Pretty new products are always displayed on the glass shelves and the boxes/baskets are all actually empty because I used them to store new products for New ins and for individual posts like I spoke in my blogging routine. The flowers aren't always there, it depends on the season, so what's in the garden (today it's lilies-of-the-valley) or if I found a nice cheap bouquet in either Interspar, Hoffer (Aldi) or Lidl (I  often buy discounted flowers because I feel sorry for those that get thrown away when no one buys them). I have my only big Yankee Candle there in my favourite scent Soft Blanket and the prettiest box of tissues from a Müller brand called Duchesse.

On top are the things that are prettiest or I use most often. The metallic brushes from eBay are stored in one of those glasses you get when you buy frozen chocolate desserts in Spar or Hoffer. I now have another glass for Zoeva brushes next to it and that one is from a cheap DM candle (it's on one of the pictures below). The clear drawer unit is from Jysk, which I got pretty recently and I put inside my prettiest and favourite cheek products (Milani Romantic Rose blush, Max Factor Lavish Mauve blush, Bourjois Java powder and Physicians Formula Happy Booster blush. That spotty thing is a Born Pretty bottom lash mascara), on top I have two of my prettiest fragrances - Oriflame Volare and Paco Rabanne Olympea. Next to the drawers is a lipstick organizer that I got from Müller and it has Mac lipsticks, a Kiko one, a Lancôme one and a Shiseido one. The main organizer I use is also from Műller and it contains products I use most at the moment.

This is the current content of my glass shelves, though most of the things have been the same for quite a while. I display things that are prettiest here. You see these in the background of my full-face pics. The owl and pink cat lip balms are both from H&M, the panda eyeliner is from Born Pretty and Tony Moly bunny lip balms are from eBay. The tea cup is from a Chinesse shop in my local town.

I keep the rest of my brushes on the bottom shelve, along with mascaras, eyeliners and lip liners. The wicker baskets are both from Jysk, the round glass vase is from Tedi, the square glass vase is from Lesnina as is the mint green sand that's inside (Tedi has a nice selection as well). The other two cups are candle stands and both are from the Christmas selection in Rutar. On the top all the boxes are from Tedi and the metal peach cookie box is from Kik. All but one box/baskets are currently empty, since I actually don't have that much stuff and they represent a temporary storage option. Only the silver/pink box has something inside and it's a place where I store Yankee Candle Tarts and other candles (such as my favourite peach one from Eurospin).

I use custom plastic cutlery organizers that I got many years ago in Bauhaus. These are the longest they had, but the fill only 4/5 of the drawer, so there is empty space in the back. In the first section are concealers, some Ginvera BB cream samples, UD Setting spray and an Essence powder. In the second are larger blushes, highlighters, my only bronzer (Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess) and makeup sponges. In the third section are the majority of blushes and on their right my eyeshadow palettes.

The main organizer units here are empty plastic clear boxes from Ferrero Rocher. I have two different sizes, the largest holds individual eyeshadows (L'Oreal Infallibles, Mac's, Catrice's,…), while the rest contain various things. Three are dedicated to lip products, one to Catrice eyeshadow palettes and cream eyeshadows and the ones in the back it for eye makeup. The Freedom palette didn't fit anywhere else, so it's here and under it are fake eyelashes. Again the back part of the drawer is pretty much empty.

I'm only showing you the makeup part of the drawer, but you can see a part of the jewellery organizer that takes up much of the drawer. These are all the foundations I own (on the vanity is currently only a Dior BB cream which I'm using) and my primers. Links to reviews of all is under About and in Directory.

Here I store my hair curlers, empty phone boxes that I use for my photo setup, a couple of empty bags and in the back are hair rollers in that beige bag, which actually quite big, so there is plently of space in these Alex drawers.
There is another drawer, but it's not makeup/beauty related.

The rest of the non-makeup bits and my C2C stuff are stored separately, so not in the vanity, but in other drawers. The top of that cabinet is ever changing, currently I have the white wicker basket from Jysk where are products I use most (like Revlon's Ultra HD lipstick in Rose) and things that I need to review (right now it's nothing new, but I put Zoeva brushes, so you can see how they are stored). Next to it is my Snow White cup that I just had to have and it came with candy (score!),  inside are my three bunny pens from AliExpress and just for this picture I put my fragrances here, so you can see them, but there's currently a mirror instead.

My fragrances aren't actually stored on this, I keep most them away from the sunlight in my book case, some are on the vanity, but just so you can see them, I put them on this rotating cake plate that I occasionally use to take pictures and I think it's from Müller. Reviews if all are on the blog, just check under Directory for links.

The nail polishes have their own smaller drawer and so they don't move when I open it, I put them again in the largest Fererro Rocher plastic box. The nail polish removers are on the side.

Hair care and skin care items are on their own shelves, the hair products are in the back and the skin care is in its own heart shaped mint green polka dot box that I got for my birthday.

The shelf under it is my C2C shelve. I store all of their products here, including thing I had before or bought since, so I keep them separate from the rest of my things because it's easier to work that way, since everything is in the same place (exceptions are the pretty things on the vanity, so the Physicians Formula cheek products and Milani's Darling lipstick, as well as Revlon's Colorstay foundation & concealerRevlon's Ultra HD lipstick in Rose and Jordana Modern Matte lipstick 01 Matte Bare, which I'm currently really into). On the left are hair care and skin care products, the violet box contains nail polishes are the other two boxes have makeup. I'm trying to keep these things pretty as long as I can - for picture reasons, of course.

One of the deep drawers is home to my hair styling products and a couple of body butters. Here are all of my hair oils, texturizing sprays and heat protectants. Again they are in a Fererro Rocher box, so they don't move when I open the drawer

I have other bits in the bathroom, but this is all of it. I keep everything very organized and put things back in their place immediately, so it looks this tidy pretty much all the time.

As I said, the products on the glass shelves change all the time, but I had this mint green cocktail of nail polishes in a martini glass for a really long time there, so I wanted to include it here.

Although it's in Slovene, you might be interested in my post on the C2C blog about makeup organisation. Some things are the same, but you might find some more ideas.

I hope you enjoyed this and have a great day!
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