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I've been loving my Euphoria and Escada fragrances and those were actually the only ones I wore for the last year. But I wanted some more variety and I turned to imitation/fake fragrances the likes being sold in Refan/La Gusta. I'm going to be honest and say that I personally don't notice the difference between the originals and the ''fakes'' either in longevity/sillage or in the scent themselves. Sure the bottles are really, really plain, but hey at least they're cheap. Even though I've been in Refan several times, I never bought a bottle for myself, it's always been for someone else. The ones I bought so far are: Chanel No.5 (Love it! I'm so getting a 15 ml for myself too), Givenchy Organza, Gucci Guilty, Pacco Rabbane Lady Million and D&G Light Blue (both for men and women). I already wrote something about some of them here, also the list of the fragrances they sell can be found here.

I Slovenia we have Refan, but I found a chain of shops called La Gusta whilst on a holiday in Croatia. I noticed the bottles in which they keep the fragrances are identical to the ones in Refan. However, the list of the fragrances sold there was a bit different. I was overjoyed to see that they hold the imitation of Escada Magnetism. I bought the 30 ml bottle which cost 60 HRK (8 €). I love it! It's my favourite out of the four I got. Initially I smell some strong fruity-berry notes, but the dry-down is a warm vanilla and caramel with some berry notes still lingering in the background. The scent itself is very, very sweet and strong, so I intend to wear it in autumn/winter. I can't find a website of La Gusta anywhere, hence I have no idea where their shops are. I know there is one in Pula and one in Medulin, perhaps some Croatian readers might know more. I scanned their list of the fragrances they sell, you can find it here.

These three bottle were purchased in Refan (all are 15 ml), I put the labels on them myself just so I know which is which. I got Versace Bright Crystal, Gucci Guilty and Pacco Rabbane Lady Million.
Bright Crystal is the lightest of the three. It's more of a spring/summer fragrance. On me it smells like a bouquet of flowers mixed with some fresh fruit notes. The notes of the original I get are peony, magnolia, yuzu and pomegranate. 
Guci Guilty is the sweetest and strongest in the bunch. I smell peach, pink pepper and patchouli. Notes of the original according to are mandarin, pink pepper, peach, lilac, amber and patchouli.
Lady Million is my favourite of the three. It's a difficult scent to describe, I get mostly honey mixed with some flowers (african orange flower I guess). I imagine I'll wear it a lot.

I plan to get some more fragrances, but 15 ml bottles mostly. And what are your experiences with imitation fragrances. Do you like them? I hope this post was helpful. Have a great day!
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