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I own a reasonable amount of eyeshadows, however I tend to use only a few and mostly it's neutral colours that complement my eye colour (which is grey, you can see it in this post). These are all single eyeshadows, I might feature my palettes separately, but I don't even own that much palettes anyway. So here are my chosen 10:
1. Row: Mac Satin Taupe, Mac Patina, Nyx Black
2. Row: Mac Wedge, L'Oreal Color Infaillible 012 Endless Chocolate, Make Up Factory Shimmer Creme 4
3. L'Oreal Chrome Shine 172 Beige Shimmer, S-he 065, S-he 035, ArtDeco 245

1. L'Oreal Chome Shine in 172 Beige Shimmer - is a very shimmery beige gold shade that really brings out my eyes. I find the the best way to apply it is with the sponge applicator, it sort of doesn't really work well with brushes, I honestly don't know why. Also because it's really shimmery, you have to be carefull when applying it or the shimmer gets everywhere. I bought it when I was in London and I don't think they sell this colour in Slovenia (actually the color selection of L'Oreal eyeshadows in our drugstores is really pathetic). I love pairing this shade with L'Oreal's 012 Endless Chocolate.

2. S-he 065 - is a brilliant highlighting shade. It's has a soft satin shine finish. I love using it just all over with some gel eyeliner. It's ridiculously cheap (1,95 €), however the size of it is also ridiculously small. 

3. S-he 035 - is a gorgeous dark blue with a satin finish. I love, love, love dark blue shades and this one is one of the prettiest I came across. I wear it over Essence kajal pencil in 13 Nightfever on the top lash line, when I want to wear something else than a black eyeliner.

4. Mac Wedge - is the perfect contouring shade for my skin tone. Also use it for contouring  my cheekbones.
5. ArtDeco 245 - I already featured it in my top 10 products post. It's my all-time favorite eyeshadow. The shade is sort of an old gold color, green-gold with a satin finish. The size of the pan is really, really small and it is a bit expensive (around 5 €), but the quality is fantastic.

6. Make Up Factory Shimmer Creme 4 - is the only creme eyeshadow I own. It's perfect for days when I'm in a rush, but I still want to wear something on my lids. It's really smooth and applies like butter. Unfortunately, since it is a creme eyeshadow, it does crease eventually, but I still find it that it lasts reasonably long. It's one of those shades that really complement blue/grey eyes because it's gold with some copper undertones. I also love using it as a base, especially when I'm wearing Urban Decay's Half Baked. Make Up Factory is only available in Müller, I believe this eyeshadow was around 12-14€.

7. L'Oreal Color Infaillible in 012 Endless Chocolate - I already raved a lot about the Color Infaillible range. Endless Chocolate is a gorgeous shimmery, bronzey brown shade. It's so versatile, I wear it all over the lid or just as a liner and it's also one of those shades that looks great in combination with so many colors. The staying power is excellent. The texture of these eyeshadows is like a pressed pigment and are really pigmented. These cost around 8 €.

8. Nyx Black - Another eyeshadow I featured in my top 10 products post. It's my most worn eyeshadow. I wear it as a liner on my waterline and top lash line. It's such a deep black shade that just lasts ages on your waterline. 
9. Mac Patina - One of the pretties shades ever. It's an antiqued gold shade that complements blue/grey eyes. It's not massively pigmented, you have to build up the color, but it just looks so gorgeous even by itself.

10. Mac Satin Taupe - Another really gorgeous shade for blue/grey eyes. It a brown taupe shade with some purple undertones. It's the prefect color for a neutral brown smoky eye. I love wearing it alone with just some mascara and black liner.

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