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So here are my current top 10 products. It's ridiculously difficult to pick only 10, I could easy add at least 10 more products, but that would be just too much.

1. Dove Beauty Body Milk for dry skin - My absolute favourite body moisturiser  I use it regularly every day. I love the thick, creamy consistency that just feels so moisturising (I don't like very runny moisturisers . But despite it's heavier formula it just sinks into the skin in a matter of minutes. And the scent is so lovely. I think I've already gone through at least five 400 ml bottles and I'll definitely keep repurchasing. Recently they've changed the packaging, but I still saw a lot of the old ones everywhere, however with the help of one of my readers, we established that the new one is called Dove Essential Nourishment Body Lotion for dry skin (with a white and blue label).

2. L'Occitane Amande Cleansing and Soothing Shower Oil - The best smelling product ever. Seriously the scent is freaking amazing. Apparently it smells like almonds, honestly I don't know. It's a thick oil, also useful for shaving. It leaves your skin moisturised and soft. My bottle is almost empty (I think this is the third one), so I need to purchase a new one. However, it's expensive (16,5 € for 250 ml), but you don't need to use much, so the bottle lasts you a while.

3. Calvin Klein Euphoria - My signature scent. I just adore it. I have the perfume and the toilette version and I love them both.

4. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil - I think I already raved enough about this oil. Since I purchased it, I used it almost every day. It leaves your skin so soft and it smells amazing. I use it for everything, on my face, body, hair and lips.

5. L'Oreal Million Lashes Extra-Black mascara - Another product I already raved loads about. My favourite mascara so far. It separates, elongates and gives volume. Just perfect.

6. Nyx Black eyeshadow - I use it almost every day. It's really, really black and it lasts all day in the waterline and on the top lash line.

7. ArtDeco 245 eyeshadow - I just adore the colour  It's a sort of an old gold colour  gold with some green, just stunning. ArtDeco eyeshadows are one of my favourites  despite their ultra small size, but they are really soft, pigmented and they blend well.

8. BeneFit Coralista - My most worn blush. It's the most gorgeous coral shade with gold shimmer.

9. MAC Hue - My favourite lipstick. It is the most beautiful light milky pink shade with some peach. It's a glaze formula so it has a slightly shiny finish.

10. E.l.f. Runway Pink - My ultimate to-go shade and most worn lipstick. It goes with everything, plus it has a matte finish (which I love). It's a bit darker and pinker than Hue, but still very similar.
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