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You'll laugh at me, but I finished this post months ago. It was literally one click away from being posted and this isn't the only such post in my drafts. I definitely decided to post this way too late. Why? Because in the meantime, I had a little bit of a crisis as four out of five foundations in this post are currently too dark for me. So naturally, yesterday I went out and bought two new foundations that are very, very pale and I suspect at least one of them is top 5 material, both are also easily available in our drugstores. However, since I only just got them and I've been using only samples for the past week, I won't get ahead of myself with such claims, as they could break me out or I end up hating them for some reason, so let's stick to my favourites so far and not waste a perfectly good post. I've been using all of these for a quite a while, especially Bourjois Heathy Mix Serum wins here, so these are the five that I rely on for a perfect base. By the way, under my About page, you'll find a list of every foundation I tried, complete with links to the reviews with swatches, before/afters and everything you may need. 
I also did a similar post about my Favourite Concealers post.

Level of coverage: Light-medium
Finish: Dewy
This has been my favourite since it was launched and I haven't been without a bottle of it since. Up until I found this foundation, I could never wear anything on my forehead because it got so flaky over the day (I latter changed my skin care routine and it helped immensely), but with this foundation my forehead looked perfect. It appears to have been made for dehydrated flaky skin because it just glides over dry patches. The other reason I adore this foundation is because it looks almost invisible on the skin. It kind of just melts in and blends in with your skin. It also has lovely fruity scent that I've loved from the first day and the packaging is very travel friendly because it's made from plastic as well as it's slim. The finish it has it dewy and on my combination skin this looks very healthy, however, I can't see it working on oily skin. 

Level of coverage: Medium-full
Finish: Satin
There is a reason much of the beauty community swears by this foundation. I would call it a princess foundation for one simple reason - it makes your skin look so perfect. However, it is a medium to full coverage, so it's noticeable you're wearing makeup. I really like the level of coverage it gives, I mostly don't even need to use concealer with this, but at the same time it doesn't feel heavy nor does it sink into pores or make a cakey mess. It's such a difference from drugstore foundations, you really notice it with this one, though the 40 € price tag makes me weep. The shade range is another huge plus at this foundation. It's one of the rare foundations that has a light enough shade for me; I use Siberia, which is a very pale yellow toned shade. 
By the way, my pump is from Healthy Mix Serum as this one comes with no pump.

Level of Coverage: Medium
Finish: Luminous Matte
This is this years' discovery and boy do I love this foundation. I call it the perfect summer foundation because it just works so well on my slightly oilier skin in the heat. I like to apply thin layers of this, it's just a habit of mine, as I'm not a fan of heavy layers of makeup on my skin, so I get light-medium coverage with this one. It leaves a luminous matte finish, meaning this is far from that draining, clings-to-every-imperfection cakey finish and it actually disguises pores better than any primer or foundation I tried. It's also instantly dry to the touch, which I greatly appreciate. It can cling to dry patches though, just to warn you. The colour range is a bit of a miss as both lightest shades, Porcelain and Vanilla, are pink toned and L'Oreal is terrible at making foundation colours, so it can end up looking a bit orange if your skin tone is very warm, but on my neutral skin, it's decent enough. I think this is a foundation completely worth the hype, but it's more suited for oily/combination skin.

Level of coverage: Light-Medium
Finish: Satin
CC cream is actually very similar to Healthy Mix Serum. They are truly almost identical, especially in how natural and invisible they look on the skin. But there are some differences. Number one would be the texture,  as CC cream is a bit lighter and another is the finish, namely CC cream has a satin finish instead of dewy. I just love how this melts into the skin and just looks so natural. I think this is one of those foundations/bases that genuinely fools people into believing that you have much better skin than you do. A huge disadvantage of this CC is the shade range. It's very small with only four shades and the lightest one is somewhat similar to the second shade in the Healthy Mix range, so I end up mixing it with a lighter foundation most of the time. 

Level of coverage: Medium
Finish: Luminous Matte
This is not that dissimilar to the L'Oreal one, at least in terms of finish and coverage, but the texture is completely different. This one feels like those old school foundations and it kind of gives you an impression like there aren't any silicones in it, even though there are. It has again that luminous finish on the skin and it manages to keep my T-zone matte for a very long time, but I do find it a bit flip-floppy sometimes. It depends on a day, but some days it'll looks perfect, like the pores are disguised to a certain degree and it just makes your skin look so good, but then on other random days it settles into pores and looks obvious. I haven't figured out why it's like that, it must be my skin, but in general it's a very nice foundation for the price and the cheapest in my top 5. The shade range is again disappointing and the lightest shade isn't exactly light, but it is at least neutral, so it doesn't look orange, but again, I need to mix it with a bit of a lighter foundation. 

What's your favourite foundation? Have a great day!
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