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It'll be a couple of years now since Clinique's Bottom Lash mascara was just about everywhere. I don't think we can even get it here, but it's too expensive anyway, so I'm happy cheaper options popped up on the market since.

The wand is really tiny, it's so cute. The bristles are very short, which is supposed to minimize the chance to make a mess, but I still manage to get some mascara on my skin (I must be extra clumsy). Because the bristles are so short, you don't get much product on the lashes in one go. It's more like it's tinting the lashes and making them more visible, but not too much.

The formula is thin, hence why also so little product is deposited on the lashes, but you can of course build it up should you wish to, though you won't get the same effect as with a proper mascara with a volumising formula. Anyway I think that with lower lashes moderation is always a good idea. It claims to be waterproof, but my under eye area wasn't completely clean after a shower. I wore Essence's I Love Extreme waterproof on the top lashes and that one is completely waterproof, so I know only this one was smudging. It wasn't a lot of it, but bits feel off. It doesn't smudge or run on me during the day, but I actually never have problems with that and I'm a poor judge of how it would perform on people with oily skin.

The packaging is really cute, I love polka dots, so I like keeping it on display. The product is in the smaller section, while the larger polka dotty one is the actual wand.

It costs 7.15 $ (currently 4.99$) on Born Pretty, which is not the cheapest, but it's still a much more affordable than Clinique's. I'm quite happy I got this and I've been using daily. It's not an essential item, but one of those little luxuries and it's fun to use. You can get 10 % off with a code MKOH10.

Have a great day!

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