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Essence will launch a ton of new products in September as usual every Autumn. I hear they should be reaching our drugstores in about two weeks. If you read any of the German blogs this news isn't really that new and also Nuša a.k.a. Moonchild has already diligently put all the information about the products on her blog here and here, while the  going away products are here
I have a shorter wishlist than when the Spring's new products were launched. I'm very excited about the Long Lasting Lipsticks, since the one I have from the Home Sweet Home TE has one of my absolute favourite formulas and I have a lot of lipsticks, so that tells a lot. I was really hoping they would make a whole range of lipsticks because I missed out on the other shade in that collection, which I really regret. Paddy already swatched all of them here and so far I want three shades. All you need is Red looks like a nice orange based red, basically the type of shade I really enjoy wearing, so I'm looking forward to getting this shade the most. They will cost 2.49€ here (and 2.29€ in Germany).
The second thing I'm interested in are the Blush Sticks. I hope these won't be a miss, because I don't like their soufflé touch blushes nor do I care much for their powder ones, but I usually like their creme blushes from trend editions.
The last thing is the Glow in the Night Top Coat. I hope this one works, because I bought their Glowing in the Dark Topper, which I have no use for since it only glows under UV light.

And here are all of the new products. Honestly, I was hoping for some new shades of their fantastic Stay Matt lip creams. At least they could add Floral Glam in the permanent range.

Is anything on your wishlist? Have a great day!
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