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I've known for a few weeks that Bourjois is launching their version of matte lip creams, but I didn't expect to see them so early in the shops. It looks like Croatian girls are the lucky ones this time and have the chance to try them out first. I got mine in Zagreb, where they are on displays in Müllers as well as DM (I was in Slovenia's DM on the same day, but we didn't have them yet). There are 8 colours in total, I tested all and decided on the darkest red, but another pinker shade caught my eye as well (02 Framboujoise). Despite that I decided to test one first. Honestly, I was a bit shocked in the shop when I saw how sheer they swatch, which means two coats are needed for full coverage, but they dry to such lovely velvet finish and don't budge after that. I'll do a review.
89.90 kn (11.75 €) in Müller.

My favourite concealer the Eraser from Maybelline all but ran out, so I went to Croatia to get a new one because that's where I bought mine and to my utter shock they don't sell them there any more. So I grabbed this one on my way home in our DM (I couldn't find any in Zagreb's Westgate shopping centre). I tried it once so far and it looks like a nice medium coverage, but a very light-feeling concealer. The silicone applicator is quite interesting and unique. There will be a review.
I also plan to get the CC cream of which I grabbed a sample and tried it at home. It is one of the best foundations (I'm not calling it CC cream) I've tried. It looks gorgeous on the skin - medium coverage with a satin finish. I just have to use up one of my foundations before I buy something new.
Concealer was 7.99€ in DM.

I stumbled upon a full display of Luxury Lacquers limited edition and I decided on this one which might be the most boring choice, but that's how I like my holographic polishes - plain silver. I'll try do a swatch soon since it's a limited edition, I just hope my camera can capture the holographic effect well.
28.90 kn (3.79 €) in Müller.

A rose gold glitter polish which I already reviewed. Just click on the name(^) to forward you to the review.
5.60€ on ASOS.

I received this from my cousin who regretted the bold colour choice. I expected to hate this, but dammit I really like it. It's a lip gloss/stain hybrid, basically two things I dislike, but in this case it really works great. The review is already written, I just have to press post.
5.19€ in Müller.

I got this as a birthday gift from my cousins (thank you girls!) after it was on my wishlist since last summer when the sales assistant treated me with a big sample of this cream that lasted me a month and that was when I fell in love with it. I had many moisturisers in my years and this is my favourite so far, it's been in my all-time favourites picks even since I tried it. There will be a full review.
They bought it on, but it took an age to arrive, though it was a lot cheaper than in L'Occitane shops where it's 37€.

I bought this after trying it just on my hand when my cousin bought it and she raved about it. I expected it to be more effective when it comes to giving the illusion of smaller pores, but it mostly just gives a smooth surface to work on. There will be a full review.
I paid 6.95 € in DM with a discount while the regular price is 9.95 €.

An expensive repurchase, but I need it in my skin care routine. I really notice the results of this exfoliating toner and it keeps my skin (mostly my forehead) clear and smooth. 
It's 33.95€ in Müller, but again I had a discount.

Another repurchase after I ran out of Balm Balm Frankincense balm cleanser. It think they changed the formula slightly. There is a new list of ingredients taped across the original ones on the box and it's not runny any more even in my perpetually warm bathroom, but solid enough to keep its shape when squeezed out of the tube. This new change makes me like it even more. It also smells a bit different, slightly less sugary and more fresh.
I got another one of those rubbish muslin cloths that is included and I use them for dusting (don't laugh at me. They included something so lame).
I got it again from Look Fantastic for 22.50 € (I had a discount code, regular price is 25 €).
A slightly tinted, peach smelling lip balm, that I already reviewed. ^Just click on the name for a full review with swatches.
1.85€ in DM.

This was the second part of my birthday present. I can't believe my cousins got me another one of my absolute favourite body product! This is the best smelling product ever which smells just like ripe peaches. It has a very hard consistency, but it's still easy to work with and it's definitely one of the most moisturising body products I've tried so far.
Vineyard Peach was a limited edition that is already gone I believe, but they found it in a small "duty free" shop in Metlika, which apparently has a small selection of The Body Shop products (which are more affordable than in Gradz where I buy them). Just so you know my dearest Slovene and Croatian readers, you can get TBS in Metlika.  

 Balea Badestick Kokos
I got this after seeing Zlatana's post about it on her blog make up and more. It's an oil bath stick that has coconut oil and shea butter as the main ingredients. Straight from the packaging it smells like a very fresh version of a coconut scent, but once dissolved in a bath I didn't smell anything. It might be because I only used a half a stick in our huge bathtub, I don't know. I dissolves slowly, but it fizzes very, very gently due to baking soda in it. You can see the oil on the top of the bathwater and it leaves this moisturising oily filter on the skin. It says that you don't need to use a shower gel and a body lotion after your bath, and I can say it really moisturises the skin, but the skin is oily for a while once you get out of bath, though after some time in sinks in completely. 
It was less than 2€ in DM and there is also a lemongrass version available. One stick should last one or two baths. 
Picture of ingredients here.

This was originally a much longer post, but I decided to do it in two parts. Second part will have mostly hair care products, so keep your eyes peeled for that. I just got one parcel in the mail and I still have some writing to do, but I'll post it as soon a possible.

Have a great day!
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