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I bought a few Kérastase products as a treat for myself. Nobody talks about this product and it's not like I need volumising products, but Forme Fatale caught my attention and after watching this video (just look how shiny her hair looks!) and days of pondering, it landed in my shopping cart. The number of reviews of this from someone who actually bought it for themselves it pretty much zero, so this was really a blind buy. I liked the idea of a styling product with good hold and heat protection in one, and I'm hoping that this will have a better control of my frizz compared to got2b Volumania mousse. I just got it in the mail, so I hadn't had the chance to try it, but there will be a full review.
21.40 € on HQHair.

Kérastase Elixir Ultime Sublime Cleansing Oil Shampoo
I wanted to try this shampoo for at least a year, basically ever since I slowly fell in love with Elixir Ultime. I still have a bit of Oléo-Relax shampoo left (the best shampoo ever!), so I won't use this one yet, but there will be a full review once I test it thoroughly.
19.28 € on HQHair.

There is this hair trend called co-washing, where you use a conditioner (preferably a silicone free) instead of a shampoo. This brought a new form of hair cleansers on the market, Wen being the most known, and Herbal Essences recently launched their affordable version (which is not available in my country of course). Kérastase has their version as well in their line for coloured hair. It's a cleansing balm that is sulphate, paraben and silicone free, and it's supposed to be used alone every other wash. The idea is that it has no harsh cleansers and it conditions the hair at the same time. It doesn't foam, which reduces frictions of the hair fibres, therefore the hair colour should stay last longer. I haven't tried it yet, but there will be a full review. 
I got it as a gift with purchase, but a smaller 200 ml version with a pump costs 19.69 € on HQhair.

Does anyone like mini sizes as much as I do? I love how Lee Stafford has these sample sizes to try out or keep in the bag. I decided to try dehumidifier which is supposed to help prevent frizzies and other hair disasters in humid weather. I already tested it, however, I still have a review to write, but just as a preview: Dehumidifier = got2b Öl-La-La Styling Öl-Spray
Mini size is 2.79€.

I don't use dry shampoo for it's intended purpose since my hair almost never gets greasy, but I do like using them for refreshing the hair. This one has a super strong scent and in general hasn't wowed me, but more about it in a future review.
Mini size is 2.45€.

I ran out of the mini version and all of the rest of the hairsprays I had (well most of them), so I purchased the full size version of it since it's my favourite so far. It has a nice flexible hold without being sticky and doesn't feel crispy or stiff at all. The scent is a bit strong, but I can tolerate easier than Elnett's.
250 ml is 7.49€ in Müller.

This recently landed in our Műllers and I was a bit surprised when I found it was sold here. It was on my wishlist since I read this post (doesn't she have fabulous hair?), where it says it's a more affordable version of Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish. I really wanted to try a texturising spray since every one seems to have one, either Oribe or Bumble and Bumble. I must admit I don't really get along with it (perhaps yet?) and I'm not impressed. I'll keep trying to make it work and report again in a proper review.
I paid 6.29€ in Müller.
This is a sulphate, paraben and colour free shampoo for treating dandruff. So far I can say that it's ok, but really nothing special and I don't like the fact it's sulphate free in this case because it hardly foams. However, I've only been using is for a couple of weeks, so I'll report in a while how I get along with it.
13.05€ in a pharmacy.
  Toni & Guy Hairdressing Sectioning Clips
I didn't expect these to be as good as they are for something I got off eBay. They feel so professional with the matte rubberised texture. I've been looking for something like this for ages in our drustores, but they only sell individual ones for some idiotic prices. Now I have twelve fantastic sectioning clips, which I use so much, mostly when drying my hair (I do it like this, if anyone is interested).
3.08€ on eBay from this seller.
I bought a few samples of fragrances from and Mexx's were free. Two of them aren't sold in our drugstores, but I really wanted to test them, so I like the idea of having samples available to buy.
I know it's weird to buy samples, I actually don't mind paying for them (and I love samples), it's not like they are given here happily (in Slovenia, obviously). I feel like most sales assistants think of it as some form torture to give actual samples (L'Occitane being the notable exception. I bought most of their stuff based on my experience with a sample). 

Aquolina Pink Sugar eau de toilette sample
This is ridiculously popular abroad, but not sold in Slovenia. I smell a mix of caramel and licorice notes, but mostly cotton candy and there are also some fruity notes in the background. It's nice, however, a bit generic, as if someone tried to make a shampoo that smells like cotton candy. I much prefer Fantasy, Can Can and even Wonderstuck Enchanted.

Ellie Saab eau de parfum sample
This is super floral. To my nose the loudest note is jasmine which hits you like a truck and not african orange flower as most say. There is also a bit of honey in the background that gives it some sweetness and I detect patchouli as well. It reminds me of Lush's Lust, but classier.

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy sample
I wanted to try this since forever (it's not sold in Slovenia to the best of my knowledge). It's a lot softer than I expected, gently sweet from the caramel and praline notes, but with a larger emphasis on floral notes particularity tuberose which is similar as in Britney Spears Radiance. It's quite a warm scent also because of a hint of vanilla, but nothing like in Fantasy for example. It reminds me a lot of Gucci's Gorgeous Gardenia. It's nice, but I don't get the hype. It smells kind of generic to me - floral, sweet and warm, but I wouldn't not call it a gourmand scent

Mexx Woman eau de toilette sample
I like this. It's soft and feminine, a bit citrusy sweet, but mostly woody-floral. It's strangely comforting, despite the lack of vanilla.

Mexx Fresh Woman eau de toilette sample
I like this as well. It's freshly sweet and floral, generic, but in a nice way. The staying power is very weak.

Have a great day!
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