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Did you know that Boots started shipping to Slovenia and some other European countries? We can finally get Collection 2000 concealer, Seventeen's Mirror Shine lipsticks, Originsaerosols and all the light shades of foundations importers refuse to sell on our market. I jumped at the chance when they were running the famous 3 for 2 offer and placed my first order there. They accept Paypal and shipping is expensive at 10€, but it's through the DPD service so packages are tracked. My order arrived in four days and I'm really happy with my purchase as well as Boot's service. 

Real Techniques Blush Brush
It took me way too long to buy this considering it's such an essential tool. It's a fantastic brush - a really fluffy tapered brush that is not too big, which I'll use for pigmented blushes, bronzer and powder. 
£9.99 (12 €) in Boots.

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm 210 Unapologetic
Unapologetic is one of the many shades that are not sold in Slovenia and the only shade I wanted from the matte range (we have five shades. Disappointing). It's a super bright pink with coral undertones. I just got it, so I haven't worn it yet, but there will be a full review.
 £7.99 (10 €) in Boots.

Bourjois Java Rice Loose powder 
I got this based on a recommendation from Sara (Passing Fancy). I was looking for it in our drugstores, but I guess it was sold here only for a limited time. I heard it's a lovely, illuminating setting powder that is a bit similar to the Hourglass Ambient powder. There will be a full review once I thoroughly test it out. 
 £9.99 (12 €) in Boots.

Essie Nail Polishes Spin the Bottle
I've official found the most perfect nude nail polish for my skin tone and the formula is not too difficult to work with. If you're in the market for a nude nail polish, go check it out soon because it's a LE. Post with swatches will follow within the next couple of days.
 9.90 € in DM. 

Panasonic EH2351AC Heated Eyelash Curling Wand
I finally got it. It actually didn't take that long to arrive from Korea, only two weeks. First impressions are all right - it's not that hot that it would burn the eyelids and as I read from all the reviews, it really only works after the lashes have already been curled and mascara was applied, so it only makes a slightly better curl and makes it last longer. If you want I can do a more in-depth review.
18 € on eBay from this seller.

Shiseido The Makeup Eyelash Curler
I wanted to try a high-end lash curler to see how it compares to my Tana's (which I can't find in Müller any more, so I guess they no longer sell it). This one is almost as popular as Shu Uemura. I need some more time to really test it, but so far I can say it's good, I'm just no convinced it's that much better than Tana's which is/was half the price. However, both are miles better than Manhattan's or other cheaper versions and are best I've tried. I'll do a comparison one day. 
Regular price 24 € on Feel Unique.

Garnier Miracle Cream
This was on my wishlist since British Beauty Blogger raved about it and later I heard that this is a dupe for Origins Vitazing. It's a white face cream that releases a sheer tint when rubbed into the skin. I've only tried it on the hand and it starts of looking scarily almost orange, but sheers out and gives a natural looking touch of colour/tan. It also has SPF 20. There will be a review once I test it out.
11.99 € in Müller. 

SunDance Getöntes Sonnenfluid SPF 30 
Tinted sun protecting fluid
After the last year's mattifying version, which I really like, Sun Dance made a tinted version. The shade of it is actually quite light and the tint is sheer, so the shade doesn't matter much, but it does mean there is not fear of leaving a white cast. I also liked it because this version is alcohol free and it felt light when I tried it on the hand. Haven't tried in on the face yet, but there will be a review one day. 
3.69 € in DM.

I ran out of 3 Minute Miracle and I immediately repurchased it. I love this, probably more than the Dove's Oil Care one that I always rave about. You know I'm really fussy about conditioners because my hair needs more than average person's do and this one is a drugstore gem. It gives great results on my super dry hair and it smells amazing like bubble gum. 
 £4.99 (6 €) in Boots.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Wild
My massive 400 ml can of Tropical version is running out and I wanted to try a different scent of Batiste since there are so many. I picked up Wild because I heard it has a nice oriental scent. I'd describe the scent as chocolate-vanilla-musk-woody one in a perfume version, not the gourmand kind. Lovely! The closest scent I can think of is Black Star by Avril Lavigne once it develops if I remember that scent correctly.
 £2.99 (3.6 €) in Boots

VO5 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray 
I picked this up quite randomly, though I did hear some good things about it. It's supposed to give texture and body to the hair. I've literally just tried it and I can say that this is how I imagined texturising sprays to be (very different from the L'Oreal's #TXT and far better). I'll report back when I use it a few times.  
 £3.79 (4.7€) in Boots.

Garnier Fructis Oil Repair 3 Shampoo
Damn, this is good! I didn't expect anything much since it's a drugstore shampoo, but Garnier meant business with this one. It looks like an average Fructis shampoo that has that lovely, typical Fructis apple scent, however, the formula is fabulous. It transforms into a dense, creamy rich foam and leaves the hair nourished, while still cleansing very well. After rinsing it off there is no dryness or that awful über squeaky clean feeling that I hate, however, it's only small fault is that the hair is left a bit tangly. If you have dry hair and you want something on a budget, this is a great shampoo to try.
Ingredients here.
2-3€ in Müller.

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo
Since I love the 3 Minute Miracle, I decided to try one of Aussie's shampoos as well. I'll do a separate review once I've had enough time using it. It smells divine, just like 3 Minute Miracle, so that yummy bubble gum scent.
6.10€ on Feel Unique.

Balea Rasiergel Summer Garden 
Mango scent
This is my favourite version of Balea's shaving gel ever. It's smells like candy in mango flavour. Yummy! And it's teal, one of my favourite colours. The quality is again excellent. I should stock up on this version because it's LE. Balea make it permanent please!
 1.99 € in DM.

Tesore d' Orientare Orchidea deodorant
I randomly grabbed this when I needed a new deodorant. It smells like soap - very clean and a bit floral (I just read on Fragrantica it's supposed to smell like J.Lo Miami Glow. Really?!). I'm not loving the scent, but it's not annoying either (yet). It performs like your average spray deodorant, so it's more about preventing/covering body odour than stopping the sweat.
 3€ in Interspar.

Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil Beauty Scrub 
This is new on the market, but I already heard a few raves about it. I've only used it once and I already love it, but I'll report back when I use it a few more times. It smells the same as the Body Ultimate Beauty Oil.
4.99 € in Müller. 

Riffi Body Brush
Another blogger inspired purchase, this time by Jana from Small Bits of Loveliness. I've been planning on buying this for ages, but always forgot. I bought the smallest one I could find to fit into my hand and I really like this one. The bristles are just prefect - soft, but not too soft. This dry body brushing business feels really nice and I've been doing it before almost all my showers (it only takes a few minutes). It's kind of addictive. It exfoliates the skin, assists in improving vascular blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, but you should google it you want to read more about it because that is all I know. 
5.49 € in Müller.

Ulala! Detangler Hair Brush
I've had my Tangle Teezer for about 7 years and it still serves me well, but it is falling apart. I wanted something with a handle because I have small hands and TT is a bit big to hold, but instead of buying something online I just took one in DM. This is just a generic version that I've seen in several places, only someone put their name on it (Beauty Bay has pretty much the same version). The bristles aren't quite as soft as at TT, but that doesn't really matter on my thick hair, though it might on fine hair (I'd get a TT in that case. Macadamia's version is nice as well I hear).
8.75 € in DM. There is also a pink/black version.

essence show your feet super soft shoe insoles
EU 36-38
I've been looking for these for a while and they finally arrived in our neck of the woods. These are padded insoles that you can put in any shoes to make them more comfortable and have a sticker on the bottom so they won't slide out. I'm a size 36/3(UK)/5(US) and these fit perfectly in all my shoes. They feel nice and soft, however, they make the shoe 1/2 or 1 size smaller, so these are nice if you have shoes that run just a bit big, but if they fit well, it can get a bit pinchy. There is a violet or pink version that is bigger (fits 39-41).
2.99 € in Müller.

Have a great day!
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