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MAX FACTOR Facefinity All Day Primer SPF20
I've heard several bloggers say good things about it, so I grabbed myself a bottle in Müller. It's a face primer with SPF 20 that promises to prolong the wear of make up. So far I like it a lot, it really does what it promises and it also keeps oil at bay, but I'll do a review once I properly test it.
By the way, I find it works great as an eyeshadow primer as well.
12.99 €, Müller.

BOURJOIS Rouge Edition Velvet 
02 Frambourjoise and 05 Olé Flamingo
I bought two more shades after being seriously impressed by the formula of Velvets. These two have a much better formula to work with than 08 Grand Cru and again have that perfect velvety matte finish. Frambourjoise is a beautiful rose-pink and Olé Flamingo a super bright hot pink. There will be a review with swatches.
12.99 €, Müller/DM.

MANHATTAN Eyemazing Liner
My L'Oréal Super Liner Perfect Slim eyeliner is on its last legs and I was planning on repurchasing it, but then I saw Paddy mentioning Eyemazing in one of her reviews as her preferred choice for a liner. While I love L'Oreal's version, since it's not sold in Slovenia and Manhattan is more accessible to me as well as cheaper, I didn't hesitate in tracking it down. It has a very similar design with the thin felt tip that allows a lot of precision. I've only used it once and while it's a nice cheaper alternative, it's not as good as L'Oreal's. I'll do a quick comparison of the two soon.
5.99 €, DM.

Imitation of Lancôme La Vie Est Belle
This is a spectacular scent! It smells like an expensive box of pralines with a fruity filling (black currant and pear), but not completely gourmand because of the floral notes (iris, orange blossom, jasmine) and patchouli. The combination of the latter with the sweet notes reminds me of a much sweeter version of Paco Rabanne's Black XS. It's a strong scent with a fantastic staying power and one of my favourites at the moment. If you like sweet scents (like these), give the original a sniff when you see it.
Notes and reviews of the original on Fragrantica.
5 € for 15 ml in Refan.

Christina Aguilera eau de Parfum and Shower Gel
Though it's been out for years and many people adore it, I never paid much attention to this scent. I was very pleasantly surprised when one of my friends gifted me a set with a small 15 ml bottle and a shower gel as a thank you for helping her. I honestly did not expect to like it as much as I do. It's brilliant! I would describe it as a very expensive smelling soap, an oriental-floral scent and in general very feminine and warm. It sort of reminds me of a warmer vanilla version of Chanel N°5 as I find it has the same soapiness in it with jasmine standing out. The shower gel is fabulous as well and it has the same scent, so it makes a regular shower a more glamorous experience.
Notes and reviews on Fragrantica.

GARNIER Hautklar Fruit Energy Peeling-Gel
a.k.a.Pure Active Fruit Energy Daily Energising Gel Scrub 
I bought it as a more quick-to-use cleanser to include in my morning routine, since Balance Me needs to be removed with a washcloth. My skin hates gels because they dry it out and patches appear, so this is my first gel cleanser in a really long time.  The formula feels pleasant due to a more thick texture and the exfoliating beads in it are very gentle, while the pomegranate scent is lovely and refreshing. I haven't been using it for long and I want to thoroughly test it before I write a review, but so far I'm sad to report that despite being pleased with it from the start, I have noticed my skin getting drier. 
5.19 €, Műller.

DAS GESUNDE PLUS Panthenol Schutz- und Pflegesalbe
Panthenol protective ointment 
This is just a run of the mill panthenol treatment for cuts, dry patches and other problematic areas. It has the same super thick texture as Bepanthenol and Avene's Cicalfate, except that I think this version isn't antibacterial. The tube is much bigger than the two and it's much cheaper. I plan to use it regularly on my legs because I have a lot of damage there and I want to speed up healing. It should also be good to use on old spots.
2.29 €, DM.

GARNIER Deodorant Neo Fresh Blossom
I am disappointed with this deodorant. I don't sweat much, but this just does not work on me. A not so funny anecdote: I wore this to my graduation ceremony held in a stuffy hall on a hot day and I could just feel a drop of sweat roll down which never happened to me with any other deodorant. Good thing that I was wearing black! Fresh Blossom version smells like you'd expect, florally fresh. I like the applicator and the fast-absorbing cream formula that doesn't leave traces, but what does that help if it's rubbish. Rexona Clear Pure is miles better despite white marks. 
3.49 €, DM.

NIVEA Anti-Perspirant Stress Protect
I bought a travel size to try in DM after being disappointed by Garnier's Neo. I actually like it for a spray deodorant, though I usually go for roll-ons. It's almost instantly dry to the touch after application and the scent is very freshly clean. It's definitely more effective than Neo.
1.49 € for 50 ml, 2.99€ for 150 ml, DM.

SUN DANCE Transparentes Sonnenspray mit Tropicduft SPF 30 LE
Transparent spray sunscreen with a tropical scent SPF 30
It was the tropical scent that got me. As the name suggests it's a transparent sunscreen with the texture similar to a dry oil, so it gives that shine to the skin, but also doesn't sink in completely. The application is a breeze and it's a great sunscreen if you don't have anyone to do your back. It smells like papaya and oranges, so sourly-juicy sweet or for anyone that's familiar, it smells really close to Mango Mambo shower gel (or last year's Brazil Mango). 
4.49 €, DM.

BALEA Trend it up Lovely Berries Dry Shampoo
Limited Edition. It's temporarily replacing their original formula.
This is so white! It's one of those dry shampoos that leaves a lot of fine powder in the hair which you can feel when you run your fingers through it, however, this also means that it absorbs oils well and gives tons of texture/volume. It smells like strawberry sweets and the scent lasts decently on the hair. It's nice, but only if you're blond or you have light hair especially if your hair gets very oily and you need to spray a lot of dry shampoo. I use it only to refresh the hair, so I spray small amounts and from very far away to avoid it looking too white. Do not spray this close because it's very, very hard to blend in and it leaves a matte, grayish cast.  
2.49 €, DM.

ESSENCE Studio Nail 4in1 Profi File
I buy these all the time. It's just regular nail file with four different textures that vary in roughness. It does its job and it does it well.
1.59 €, Müller.

*GREEN LINE Micellar Cleansing Water
Micelarna čistilna vodica
Another micellar water is joining the drugstore ranks with Green Line launching their version. Green Line is a Slovene brand, so I'm not sure how accessible it is apart from here and probably in the Balkans. I've only used it once and so far I like it. It works great, but it's heavily fragranced (I like that, though). There will be a review once I properly test it.
I was sent this before its official release, so I don't know the price yet.

A repurchase of course. If you're a regular on this blog then you know how much I adore this oil and I've been using it every day as a face moisturiser for the past three years. I'm so happy that I got such a good price for it and I adore the limited edition packaging. I still have my old bottle, so this is going to the back of the shelf until I use that one up.
24€, Feel Unique (it's still on offer).

Actually this is only part one of my New in. I still have a couple of packages coming and I didn't feel like waiting any more, besides it's a too long post already. The second part should be posted soon and it will feature my Boots purchases.

Have a great day!
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