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03 Fair
I finally had the chance to repurchase one of my favourite ever concealers. I have missed it so much, nothing I bought since compares, only the much more expensive NARS has properly wowed me since. I have several rave reviews about it on my blog, but a quick sum up: it's my HG concealer for under the eyes because it looks like skin, blends seamlessly and covers enough.
DM, 9.95€ 

ESSENCE XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss Matt Effect 
15 Coral Mousse
This shade was on my wishlist forever, but, of course, it wasn't sold in Slovenia (it is now I think, though mine's from Austria). Stay Matt lip creams were my favourite matte formula ever, but they have discontinued the original ones and are now offering a reformulated version (they didn't even manage to leave them alone for one year since their first release *shakes head in disappointment*). The new ones smell like coffee and I hate coffee, also the formula is not as good any more and it doesn't last as long, though the fault of this can be attributed to the lightness of the shade. Coral Mousse is a nude peachy-pink, it's actually very different when swatched and it's a nice every day shade if you like nudes, but a tad boring to me. I'll do a review.
Müller, 2.25 € 

L'OREAL Super Liner Perfect Slim
Another repurchase, but this time of one of my favourite eyeliners. I tried to get along with the Manhattan's version, however, it has started to dry out in less than a month which I find so disappointing, hence why I have promptly picked up another L'Oreal's one. I still have to do a review for this (and Manhattan's), but in short: it's incredibly easy to use, it's super black, lasts well on the lids and it's super precise. I adore it.
Müller, 7.99€ 

MAYBELLINE Lasting Drama Black Shock 36h Liner
This a new release and from what I can tell, very similar to the new Benefit Push up liner which has very mixed reviews, but I was curious about how this one performs. Basically, it's a gel liner in a pen form, so you twist up the bottom and the product comes out of the rubber nib. I've used a few times and you have to apply it on the back of the hand first to avoid weird blobs. I managed to a do a thin as well as a thick line and the shape of the applicator does allow to create a nice flick. However, this is not a liner for beginners. It is intensely black and it managed to last all day on me and that is including the flick which is usually the first thing that wipes off. By the way, it is very difficult to remove at the end of the day and needs an oil remover. I'll do a review.

THE BODY SHOP Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil
I really stocked up on cleansers recently. Silky Cleansing Oil has some great reviews and I was eager to try it because it was on my wishlist right from it's release. It's a light oil that emulsifies when water is added and has a very gentle scent (not of camomile, mind you). I have tried it a few times so far, once on a full face of makeup with waterproof mascara and it removed about 98% of makeup, only a touch of eyeliner that was hiding between the lashes remained.  I'll do a review after a longer use. 
13 € 

THE BODY SHOP Vineyard Peach Cream Body Scrub
Yes, I picked up another Vineyard Peach product, it is after all my favourite scent. I was so hoping to get the body mist, but to my shock and bitter disappointment they were sold out in Celovec/Klagenfurt. I wanted it so badly, however, I partly consoled myself with the scrub. To me this is more of a gentle scrub, although I think most might consider it just perfect. It's super creamy and smells the same as the body butter. I'll do a review of it.

The super nice shopping assistant at TBS also gave me a ton of samples to try. I adore samples, we hardly get any in Slovenia.

Shea Body Butter
The texture of this is to die for good. Thick, yet creamy, super easy to apply and intensely nourishing. I think I had this version before and I loved it (or perhaps it was Almond?) The scent is the same as L'Occitane's Shea butter line, kind of a nutty, but clean scent if that makes sense? I hope it does.

Satsuma Body Sorbet
As the name suggests it feels like a sorbet, so it's a light gel-lotion type of product that is excellent for warmer months. I imagine it should be really refreshing if kept in the fridge to apply on a hot day. The satsuma scent is amazing, I've had it before in the body butter version and it is a strong sour-sweet juicy scent.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter
This has such a soothing, parfumey floral scent and it's very familiar to me, I think it's similar to L'Occitane's Cherry Blossom body milk, but less intense. The texture is similar to the shea one only less thick, so again awesome.

Jasmine Body Lotion
This one is very, very runny and I've never been fond of such body moisturisers, but that's a personal preference. The scent is a very creamy floral one, though I wouldn't describe it as jasmine one.  At least it's not similar to other jasmine stuff I've tried.

BALEA Dusche & Creme mit Maracujaduft
Shower gel Passion Fruit
I was expecting to see this in our DMs and I don't know what they are waiting for, so I picked it up in Austria instead. It's another nice, simple shower gel by Balea and it has a very fresh version of a passion fruit scent. 
DM, 0.85€ 

ESSENCE Eye Blender Brush
Again another product I wanted to try, but it wasn't sold here. I bought two affordable blending brushes to compare, Essence's and Ebelline's version. Eye Blender Brush is soft and has different sizes of bristles, so it's more of a duo fibre sort of brush, but for eyes. I wish it was a bit denser, however, it still does the job, though it takes a bit longer than at Ebelline's. It's a nice brush for the price.
Müller, 1.45 € 

EBELINE Blender Pinsel 
Blending brush 
I really like this one. It's dense, yet soft, works wonderfully in the crease and apart from blending, it can also be used to apply the colour on the lid. Why the hell is this not sold here?! I'd love to have a few back ups. I can do almost an entire eye makeup with this brush, however, I have determined that it performs best with high quality eyeshadows. It's about the same size as MAC's 217 and similarly flatter on one side, but it's softer and synthetic, so I just want to point out that I'm not in any way calling them dupes. I recommend it.
DM, 2.95 € 

Sexy Healthy Hair Tri-Wheat Leave-In Conditioner
I actually just ordered it and this is a pic of my old bottle because Beauty Bay has been processing the order since Saturday. I hope everything is fine and it'll arrive shorty. 
This leave-in is a must for me. I haven't used up current bottle, but the mere though of being without it was just too upsetting for me, so I repurchased it before that happens. I believe this is the product that most transformed my hair in the past year. It keeps my hair hydrated longer, helps tame the frizz and has in general made my hair more healthy. Love it.
Beauty Bay, 11.70 €

I just want to inform Slovene and Croatian girls as well as other locals that there is MAC available in Celovec/Klagenfurt - Douglas, City Arkaden shopping centre. In the same centre you also have DM and Müller with a much larger selection of stuff than here, The Body Shop (the super nice sales assistant speaks Croatian and understands Slovene), Bipa, Yves Rocher and Mariounaud. Definitely worth visiting.

Have a great day!
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