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BOURJOIS Rouge Edition Velvet 
07 Nude-ist
I've treated myself to another Velvet, bringing the total number to four in my collection. My enthusiasm for these matte lip creams persist and Nude-ist is my latest obsession. When these first came out, Nude-ist was the shade I instantly brushed off as not being my type of shade and granted swatched on the back of the hand it doesn't look like much, but on the lips is where the magic happens. It's a beautiful natural-rosy shade. Actually it's exactly the natural tone of my lips, however, a shade or two darker, making it look quite natural on my lips, but just giving that definition to my pale face. This is definitely a winner. There will a review with full face swatches, but I already posted a quick sneak peek on my Instagram
Müller, 12.99 €.

ESSENCE Lip Liner 
06 Satin Mauve 
Since in the last months there has been a torrent of the 90's lip trend posts in the beauty community, I caved under peer pressure and decided to at least test it out if it suits me.  As much as I dislike the too soft texture of Essence lip liners, Satin Mauve is the shade I've heard quite a few people mentioning as their favourite at the moment, so at that price I just gave it a shot. I'm genuinely not a fan of this look 90's look on me at all. Like most such shades, mauvy-natural types, the violet tone is again more pronounced against my skin tone giving me that drained, tired look. You'll see it in the full review, but this is not my favourite shade. I much prefer Nude-ist, which brings some life to my face because it's a warm, rosy shade. I still don't like the formula of these, the pencils are just too soft for creating a defined look, but at least they aren't drying, though they don't last long on the lips. There is a swatch of this on Instagram as well.
Müller, 1.19 €.

 *L'OREAL False Lash Wings Intenza
L'Oreal released a new mascara, a spin-off to their original False Lash Wings (Butterfly or Flutter mascara in some countries) and this version has the "butterfly wing shape" on both sides of the wand. Mine is a regular formula, but I think a waterproof version exists as well. I have to say I quite like it. It reminds me of their Million Lashes that I used for years and it gives a similar effect. It gives a lot of length and definition, but not that much volume despite the fibres, which I can't even see. Volume is not my priority anyway, but I really appreciate the defined look it gives to my lashes and how every individual lash is coated with mascara. You can see it in action here.
Price 15.49 € in drugstores (their mascaras are getting more and more expensive).

ARTDECO High Precision Liquid Liner
*a sigh of relief* Finally, I have a decent eyeliner again. It felt like ages, I tell you. This reminds me a lot of the Kardashian one. The nib is very similar in terms of the shape and the material it's made of, which is not the same felt tip as at L'Oreal's, but more like a very smooth brush. The shape of the nib is great, it's the right size and shape for my preferences. I'll report back in a month or so in a full review because I'd like to see how fast it's drying out. But I have to say that it is quite an expensive liner and it will really need to perform spectacularly for me to keep buying it.
Müller, 16.99 €.

*MODELS OWN HyperGel Gel Effect Polish
Midsummer Mauve
When I first saw this nail polish, I squealed from excitement because the colour is just something I was thinking of getting soon. I'm in the mood for these greyish-taupe-light violet nail colours at the moment because they look so chic on the nails. This looks gorgeous swatched on the nail wheel, but again my skin tone makes it more purple, which bothers me a bit, but I like it nonetheless (most likely this won't happen to any of you anyway). The formula is one of those new age "faking gel manicure" type and it's quite thick, but it still evens out nicely with a second coat, plus it has a high shine finish.
Tega odtenka sicer še ni na Click2Chic, ampak naj bi bil v prihodnosti. Ostali odtenki stanejo 5,95 €.
Models Own, £4.99. 

 *MODELS OWN Gel Eyeliner
I'm sorry but I can't bring myself to like this. Since I discovered that felt tip liners got a billion times better since the 00's, other versions of eyeliners don't appeal to me any-more, but that's not the main reason I'm not a fan of this. It's because the texture is so dry. Why did they make it so dry? The lack of fluidity means it's harder to do a nice, crisp line. Actually so far I've only been able to do more of a smudgy line, you know the one with the diffused edge that you usually create with an eyeshadow, which is a nice look as well because it looks more soft and natural, but I'm kind of a fan of sharp lines. The added brush is not my favourite either, sorry.
To je še en bodoči izdelek, ki naj bi se prodajal na Click2Chic. Sama bi veliko raje izbrala Kardashian Beauty eyeliner. 
Models Own, £4.99.

 *NANSHY Marvel Makeup Sponge
Can we just enjoy for a moment at how beautiful this sponge looks? I love mint green. I've only had one makeup sponge so far and it was from Cosmopolitan, which disappointed me when it tore after the first wash. This one already proved be better quality, since it's still whole, even though I've been using it for about two-three weeks and I wash it after every foundation application. I'll just put it out there and say that unlike a lot of people in the beauty community, these sponges aren't my favourite method of applying foundation because I can get the same result on my skin with a brush and it's a lot faster. But I get the appeal, these sponges do blend the foundation in very well. One thing that struck me when I first dampened the sponge is how big it is compared to Cosmopolitan's one, but it's similarly soft and has the same texture. One giant plus is that this sponge has a cut top, which is super, super handy for blending concealer under the eyes. But it again absorbs too much foundation for my liking (I don't like to waste things) and it takes a lot of time to blend the foundation into the skin, but that's my problem with all sponges anyway. As far as sponges go, this is a nice one.
Click2Chic, 7,49 € ; Official Nanshy site,  €8.28.

 *BOCASSY Paris Serum
When I was offered to try their products, Bocassy was a completely new brand to me. I quickly checked the reviews and the serum's ingredients caught my attention, so I agreed to give it a go. It was the mention of vitamin A that got me, though it also contains vitamin E, d-panthenol, olive oil, shea butter and comfrey root extract. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now plus the L'Occitane cleansing oil I'll mention later and my skin just looks so healthy. I've been quite unhappy with how my skin texture looked recently, which made my foundation look weird, but now there have been quite a few occasion when I felt like I don't even need anything other than a bit of concealer under my eyes, around the nose and on one blemish scar on my chin that persist for years. I've just been using a bit of concealer well blended in and that's it. Also when I do decide to wear foundation, it applies so much nicer, even that horrid Rimmel one. I have no idea whether it's this serum or the oil or perhaps a combo of both, but I'm very happy with my skin at the moment. I'll do a full review after a while, but if you have any questions now, just ask.
Ingredients here.
Na voljo v poslovalnicah Müller BTC, Rudnik, Čopova, Koper, Celje in Maribor Europark. Cena približno 23 € (spet predvidevam). Bocassy Slovenija Facebook stran tukaj.
In Croatia it's also sold in DM's. Serum costs 180 kn. Bocassy Hrvatska Facebook page here

 *L'OCCITANE Immortelle Oil Make-up Remover
After the Shea Butter cleansing oil (review by Passing Fancy here), L'Occitane added another one to their more premium Immortelle range. I've had a few oils so far, which for some reason all broke me out a bit after an extended use, but this doesn't appear to be the case with this one. It's a light oil that is very similar in terms of texture to the Body Shop one or L'Oreal one, so they all emulsify a bit when water is added, but I find that this one rinses off more effectively than those two. In terms of makeup removing capabilities, this removes everything in one go, even my super stubborn Hypnose Waterproof mascara, however, it takes quite a long massaging between the lashes to completely dissolve the mascara (but not when you're removing a regular formula mascara). It's bad side is the same one as at all oily cleansers, super foggy eyesight after use, so I use it strictly before going to bed. It has the same scent as the rest of the Immortelle line, which is a wild flower scent. I like this oil a lot, it's the best such cleanser I've tried so far, but the foggy eyesight is a nuisance again (I'm probably the only one complaining).
L'Occitane, 22.40 €.

BALEA Rasier Gel
Summer Garden
A repurchase and I'm so happy these are still on the shelves. I think it's meant as a LE, so don't waste any time if you want it (let's face it everything from DM brands is a LE in the long run, lol. It's like the Essence of skin care). This is my favourite version of Balea's shaving gel ever. It's smells like candy in mango flavour. Yummy! And it's teal, one of my favourite colours, plus the quality is again excellent.
DM, 1.99 €.

BALEA Beauty Effect Power Maske
For the life of me I can't remember whose review I read about this being pretty awesome, but anyway it landed in my basket. It claims to intensely moisturise the skin, therefore making the wrinkles less noticeable. Though I have a couple wrinkles which my foundation always emphasizes tenfold, the main reason I got this was that it contains hyaluronic acid - the gold of the beauty world. If I glance through ingredients fast I see very moisturising ingredients (glycerine, shea butter, olive oil) and hyaluronic acid, which is granted more at the end of the list, but all in all it's a nice ingredient list for such a budget product. It's a thick, but easy to apply mask/moisturiser that smells nice, like baby cosmetics. You're supposed to apply and leave it on for 5-10 minutes, then remove the rest with a cotton pad. I've used it just once so far and I had nothing left to remove that's how thirsty my skin was. I think it's a great product for dry and dehydrated skin when it needs a bit of a boost of moisture or is suffering from dry patches, but it does nothing to the wrinkles (which I didn't expect anyway). I think it's a great budget version of for example Origins Drink Up Mask.
Ingredients here.
DM, 4-5 €.

 BALEA Balea Badewürfel Vanille Honig
Honey and Vanilla Bath Cube
I talked about this cube a long time ago, but I only recently found it in our DM's. I haven't used it yet and I'll keep this for those rare occasions I actually do a proper bath, so I'll have to report back in an empties post with more details. But I can say that it feels a bit greasy to the touch, so it's an oil based product, which means it's probably very moisturising. I smells a bit disappointingly like generic soap (you can smell it in the shop), but at least it doesn't cost an arm and a leg like the Lush ones.
DM 1-2 €.

 LITAMIN Welness Salze Goldrausch
Welness salt Goldrush
I think this is a bath salt that turns the water gold. I'm not sure because my German isn't what it used to be and they are being quite elusive with the description, but I sure hope it's true. I'll report back in an empties or maybe even in a proper post if it impresses me, but I am excited to try it.
Ingredients here.
Müller, 1.25 €.

DRESDNER ESSENZ Pflegebad Schokolade/Cranberry
Bath salt with a chocolate and cranberry scent
I saw on Sunnivah's blog that she likes the orange/cinnamon/clove version (Winterbad) of these bath salts, but when I saw the chocolate one next to it, it was all I could look at. I mean it's chocolate, I can't resist that, I'm only human. It has the scratch-and-sniff sticker in the top right corner, which indicates that this smells really nice, like a fruitier version of Nesquick cocoa. 
Ingredients here.
Müller, 1.29 €.

Have a great day!

*products marked with this symbol are PR samples.
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