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I decided to do something that might not be the best idea and almost completely revamped my skin care routine. Well, it was more like added steps and kept my favourites. I kept Nuxe Huile Prodigeuse obviously, because it's the only thing I can rely on, and Bioderma stayed as did Maybelline waterproof remover. I'm really bad when it comes to skin care because I want it cheap and simple, but it's time for a change - I only have one skin. I read so many reviews/skin care routine posts that my head was spinning and narrowed down to all these products (I still have a few back-ups on my wishlist). I didn't focus too much on ingredients, I decided to stop doing that because I find it oversimplifying, especially when it comes to mineral oil and alcohol. I chose to just go with the positive reviews and recommendations. 

An oldie, but a goodie. I don't recall ever being without a tube of this since I first bought it when I was 17. It's a simple clay mask, smells nice, is gentle and the tube is huge for 6€. It draws out impurities and leaves my skin looking clearer. The only thing is that I forget to use it often enough.

L'Oreal Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Oil
It's not sold in my country yet, so I ordered it from HqHair. I needed a new cleanser as my old one wasn't working for me because as soon as I washed my face, it got really tight with dry patches everywhere. This one is quite nice, it's basically a light oil that emulsifies when I add a bit of water and rub my hands together. I massage it into the face and then remove it either with a wet flannel or just rinse it off with water. I must add that it doesn't irritate my eyes at all. It smells nice, a bit fruity and slightly like a beach (for some weird reason it reminds me of it, even though it's not a typical beach scent). It removes makeup decently, but not waterproof mascara. My skin feels fine when I use it, it doesn't dry it out one bit, moreover I think it's a bit moisturising. It wasn't my first choice, but it was the cheapest and it turned out just fine.

I haven't used a proper toner since they dramatically changed the ingredients of Garnier Fresh toner (which felt like nothing anyway, so I stopped using toners all together with the exception of homemade aspirin one). Now, I'm using two toners - an exfoliating one and a hydrating one:
L'Oreal Age Perfect toner with Vitamin C 
A simple toner for dry skin with vitamin C (ascorbyl glucoside). The packaging is stupidly impractical and the product gets everywhere, so I moved most into a spray bottle and I use it after cleansing or whenever I need some refreshment. It's ok, definitely more moisturising than the old Garnier Fresh toner, but sometimes the skin around the eyes burns slightly when I use it (It's really not a big deal though). I got it in Müller for about 5€.

I decided to take on my problem with dry patches head on with AHAs. Honestly, since I stopped using Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair my skin hasn't been acting ok. Though it looks fine, because of the Nuxe oil which really helps with radiance and softness, the stupid dry patches are still my nemesis. They appear especially around the eyes and on the forehead. The latter used to be completely smooth when I was using EL ANR, but has since become uneven and bumpy. Also, I have a problematic spot on my chin under my lips that I've had since my teens, where the pores are constantly congested and most impurities appear. I want it to finally fade, hence the purchase of AHA products. 

Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner 
A toner with glycolic, tartaric and salicylic acid that provides gentle exfoliation. Despite the alcohol it's not drying, in fact I find it quite moisturising. The scent is very gentle and clean. So far I've only used it twice, therefore I can't say much about the result yet. I plan to use it a few days a week. I couldn't find it cheaper online, so I got it in Műller for 33.95€, but I had a discount, otherwise I wouldn't splurge so easily. I'm hoping it will help me get rid of the dry patches and make my skin more even.

That little pot is a sample of Dior Nude BB cream in 001. It's the lightest shade which is pink toned, but suits me very well. The finish is semi-matte and it holds oiliness at bay, however, it has some radiance to it. Actually, it looks like healthy skin and is not perceivable on the skin at all. It blends in so easily, just melts into the skin and doesn't leave it tacky at all. The coverage is light and it evens out the skin really nicely. It reminds me a lot of Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, but is less radiant. If you find HMS too radiant and you want something more matte, you should check it out. I would buy full size if it weren't so darn expensive.

REN Resurfacing AHA Concentrate 
Another AHA product, but more potent than the Clarins toner. I was choosing between this and the infamous mask. I decided to get the serum, because I am really lazy when it comes to masks. It's a very light serum that has glycolic, tartaric acid and hyluronic acid. I find that it doesn't tingle, but my skin isn't sensitive at all and it smells nice, like orange vodka. I've been using it the last couple of days and my skin is definitely improving in a sense that it's clearer and more even. As with the Clarins toner, I plan to use it a few times a week. I got it from HqHair for 30€ because I actually had a handsome discount code (It costs 56€ in Müller!)

La Roche Posay Nutritic Intense
I'm not sure about this one. I ran out of Ombia Hyaluron Gel which was a really lame product (sorry to anyone who likes it), so I needed something new. Originally, I wanted the Eucerin Aquaporin light again, because I really liked it, but I asked my mom to go to the pharmacy for me and the pharmacist recommended this one instead. It's definitely nice, light yet very moisturising, a great base for makeup and smells lovely, however, I think it might be clogging my pores (I've had it the longest out of all the new products). Though, I don't recall any product ever clogging my pores and it could be a result of something else. I'll keep using it and report later.

Sun Dance Mattierendes Sonnenfluid SPF 30 (Mattifying fluid) 
I like it. I'm not sure about the filters, but it's light and doesn't leave my skin too tacky (I try to use a much as possible, but not the recommended 1 teaspoon. Have you any idea how much product that is!). It's not a matte finish, it still has a bit of a shine, but nothing like regular sunscreens. The bottle is nice, sleek and easy to carry in your pocket if you want to. 50ml costs only 2.95€

Balea Fiji Passionfruit (0.85€)

I finally found the third shower gel from this year's LE. I was most excited about this one from the start because I love passion fruit. It is a fresh version of a passion fruit scent  opposed to Fructis Fruity Passion shampoo which is sweeter. I reviewed the other two here.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor
Not the latest news from our neighbouring country, but Croatian DM's started selling Aussie (as did German DM's). My cousin was kind enough to get it for me. Before Slovene girls get excited, according to DM Slovenia facebook page, there are no plans to sell Ausie here. I was surprised to learn it costs 9€ (70kn), which is really expensive for drugstore. It smells like Hubba-Bubba fruit fantasy bubble gum tape. It's a nice conditioner, but I find the Dove 1 Minute Oil care better and cheaper (for really dry hair, of course). 

Washcloths or flannels
I had a few already, but now I saw they have mint ones. I adore mint green can you tell? I wet the flannel with hot water and use it to take off the cleanser. This provides gentle exfoliation. I used to use just regular towels, but this is easier. Btw, we don't use fabric softener when we wash towels in our house and I like my towels rough (and it's a free exfoliator).

So yeah, a lot of new products in my skin care routine. It might backfire or it might turn out great. I'd like to hear your recommendations for products that work well on dehydrated combination/dry skin, especially some nice toners and moisturisers. Have a great day!
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