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CATRICE Liquid Liner
010 Dating Joe Black
I got two of these on separate dates, the first one in December because my old one was running low, but then Catrice started their 6548th discontinuing campaign and due to a incorrect label in my local drugstore I mistakenly thought it's going to be discontinued and bought another one (it's only the waterproof version that won't be sold any more). To my great relief I learned this is staying in their standard line, I admit I'd be upset if they decided to kick out my new favourite eyeliner just when I found it, but I can't say I'm not used to Catrice and Essence acting like consumers have an attention span of five-year-olds. It's the only liner I've been using every day for the past seven months because it's the blackest liner that's completely matte, it stays forever on the lids, doesn't smudge or flake and the applicator is comfortable. Great stuff.
DM, 3.79 €

CATRICE Metallic Liquid Liner
010 Bronze Lee
This liner is being discontinued, so I grabbed it before it's gone. It's a wonderful liner, I really don't get why Catrice feels the need to discontinue such a large amount of their products ever six months and get rid of nice makeup bits. It's similar to the classic black eyeliner, so it has a very pigmented and long-lasting formula, except the shade is a metallic dark bronze, which looks beautiful on the eyes, especially blue. It's is still dark enough that it defines the eyes and is completely suitable to be worn every day, not just as a part of a special look. It lasted all day on my normal lids, though it flaked a little on the wings. Grab it if you still see it.

CATRICE Highlighting Eyeshadow
030 Metallic Lights
I've been swatching the new Catrice Art eyeshadows and these older highlighting ones every time I had the opportunity in the shops and they seriously impressed me with their super creamy, pigmented formula. So I planned on getting four of these to fit one of their custom palettes, but before I did that I just grabbed this shade which is being discontinued and I'm so let down by it because this is nothing like those great testers. The formula is much drier, not really creamy and definitely much less pigmented, so I'm confused what's going on and whether it's the same thing at all the shades. This colour is very beautiful, it's exactly the type of champagne highlighter I love and I use it on my cheekbones because I don't like highlighters on my eyes (I don't use it under the eyebrows because my eyes are hooded and I rarely use it in the inner corners), but I need to build it up so much using a dense eyeshadow blending brush. I'm not sure I want to risk it now buying other eyeshadows from Catrice, I want something very creamy and pigmented. 
Müller, 1.99 €

*THE BODY SHOP Matte Lip Liquid 
Winsor Rose, Nairobi Camelia and Mauritius Dahlia
This was a lovely Christmas gift by The Body Shop, so it came is this metal lip-shaped box, which just made it 10-times cooler. I'm a fan of matte lip creams and I've tried so many, these remind me most of NYX lip creams. They aren't as pigmented as others, which is most apparent at the darkest shade and they need more time to set, but they do to a perfect matte finish. Staying power isn't the best I've seen, again these remind me so much of NYX and while they survive drinking, food is a bigger challenge. They don't disappear completely, but they also don't stay intact. Basically if you like NYX, old Manhattan ones and Bourjois Velvet, you'll like these and I put them into a category that might be suitable for those with dry lips. Winsor Rose is a very basic warm, nude shade that so many brands have (I think it should be most similar to the likes of Velvet Teddy). It's too brown and weird peachy on me, but on most of you it'll look pretty fantastic, I'm sure of it, as the darker the skin tone, the more pinky nude it'll look. Nairobi Camelia is the type of shade I like to wear and it reminds me of the discontinued Manhattan 56K, it's's a medium warm peachy pink. Both of those two shades apply ok and it's easy to get any even application. Mauritius Dahlia is a deep cool burgundy and I'm not a fan of the formula (I am spoiled by theBalm Adoring) because it's got a weak pigmentation meaning the first coat is a stain and you have to wait for it to dry if you want to apply a second coat and get an opaque pigmentation because otherwise the lipstick shifts and you get a very uneven application. 
The Body Shop, gift box with three shades 21.30 €, individually 8.90 €

LOOK by BIPA Matte Camouflage Concealer 
Petra send this too me and she already made a review of it in which she says it's her favourite concealer. It can be bought in an Austrian drugstore Bipa, so this is from their own brand. This one is one of the high coverage matte concealers that's very similar to the likes of Catrice Liquid Camouflage and Collection Lasting Perfection, so great for spots or very dark circles. I've been wearing it almost every day since I got it in December and I quite like it, in fact I think it's the best high coverage drugstore concealer in my collection. It covers a lot, from circles, redness to spots, but it doesn't manage to hide my darker freckles, so it's not completely full-coverage. The finish is matte, but it doesn't set immediately, so you have some extra time to work with it. Two things impressed me at this concealer, first is that the shade is super light and the most neutral out of my other such concealers, so it suits me best (Collection fair is pink, Catrice Liquid Camouflage is a bit darker and yellow). Second thing that impressed me is the staying power, as it's still on my face at the end on the day, in fact without powder it's stayed on spots all day with no problems. 
Bipa, 3.25€

*VICHY Idéalia Peeling 
There aren't that many AHA products available in shops in Slovenia, nor products that contain ferments, so I'm glad to see Vichy's offering. They have combined antioxidant blueberry polyphenol with fermented black tea, plus glycolic acid, however, this does contain a lot of alcohol denat., which I know some are quite sensitive to it. It's chemical exfoliator type of product meaning it's one of those products you'd use when you want to brighten the skin, make it more even and softer. It's a very light toner type of product that leaves nothing behind and I felt no stinging using this, not even on a open wound, so the AHA content must be small. I gave it a fair test using in combination with just my other basic skin care, so I got results just from this. I started with a few spots that were already healing and I really expected to the biggest results in diminishing the red marks that are left behind. The results I saw were definitely soft skin, also no new spots developed all the time I was using this and it despite the high alcohol content, this didn't feel drying. However, in terms of evening the skin, making it radiant and fading marks, this didn't have such visible results that I've seen from other products with glycolic acid. Like I said I guess the content of glycolic acid is quite low and it takes months for proper results to show, but I do enjoy using this for the same reason I like COSRX BHA Blackhead Liquid for keeping my skin clear. I also love the scent as it has a lovely floral fragrance.
Pharmacies, 25 €

BALEA Refreshing Wash Gel
Erfrischendes Washgel
This became my staple, I literally get nervous when it starts to run out and I never know how close to empty it really is, so I bought two because these also run out quite fast. It's a simple gel cleanser that I use for my second cleanse since it has a pH 5.5, so it restores/keeps the skin balanced. It doesn't foam much, but I don't mind that and it doesn't irritate my eyes, which is an extra plus.
DM 1.19 €

BILOU Sweet Hands Hand Foam
Another gift from Petra and I must say the texture or better said its moisturising capabilities are quite surprising. I expected a gimmick product that would barely moisturise, however, the foam is quite thick and luxe. One pump can quickly be too much and you end up with sticky hands, so only a small amount is needed and this is quite a nourishing formula. Like other Bilou products it's heavily scented, this one smells like peaches with a floral green note, so not a gourmand type of peachy scent, but more like classic cosmetic peach scent.
DM, 3.95 €

BALEA Rasier Schaum
Coco Melon
Latest limited edition by Balea, this one has a tropical scent of coconuts and watermelon. I haven't tried it yet, but even now I can smell the classic Balea coconut scent.
DM, 2.99 €

A repurchase and I don't know though how many bottle of this I went through. I have super dry hair and this is the only drugstore shampoo that I trust. When I rinse it off, it already feels like I used some conditioner because my hair feels silky and it isn't tangled. 
Interspar, about 3 €

L'OCCITANE Cherry Blossom Hand Cream
My collection of these is just getting larger. This one has that classic cherry blossom scent that has been a part of L'Occitane lines for a decade now, so a sweet floral slightly fruity scent, but none of that sugary candy sweetness cherry scents often have. The texture is one of the light ones, like the Neroli and Almond versions, so not as good as the original shea butter, but still one of the best hand creams that exists.
L'Occitane, 8.10 €

L'OCCITANE Relaxing Bath Salts
I got this as a gift and I'm not sure when I'll find the time to use it, but it looks like classic bath salts. The scent is nothing special in the pot, not even that classic L'Occitane lavender scent. It's quite subtle, but maybe it's different in the tub. I think this is in the process of being discontinued.

I got a lot more product in the past two months, but I separated it in three posts. I'll have my Canadian Swap next and when all the parcels finally arrive, also a post with the K-Beauty purchases. Have a great day!
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