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MILANI Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer
00A Porcelain
I have the original "lightest" shade 01 Creamy Vanilla that I got as a part of my job a long time ago and I fell in love with the formula, but the shade is just nowhere close to being right for me, so when they finally released a super pale one (on their third try, hence the odd numbering), I vowed to get it. It took a while, but I finally ordered it as a birthday gift for myself and I can report the happy news that this is one of the best shades for me that I ever found. It's pretty much up there with Maybelline Fit me 110/100 and it's close in how light it is, while the undertone is pink-ish, though this is the most neutral foundation I own so far which is what makes it so great (swatches). Milani you were a massive disappointment from the start, but on your third try you bloody nailed it. Great job! I have a full review of this formula already of that other shade, but briefly I'll just say it's my favourite medium coverage foundation and I like it because it looks the best on the skin out of all such foundations I tried.
Click2Chic, 12.49 €

I got this just because it was better to get something for a few euros instead of paying for shipping, but this is my favourite waterproof mascara and I already used up a few, plus I'm using one now, so this is a back-up. It gives tones of volume, it makes the lashes look so great and it keeps them curled all day. Also compared to the most recent waterproof mascara I tried, Covergirl The Super Sizer, it's sooo much easier to remove, but survives the same.
Click2Chic, 2.99 €

THEBALM Girls Getaway Trio Long-Wearing Bronzer/Blush
The Balm has my favourite formula of blushes along with L'Oreal, but their two of the most popular shades I own, Hot Mama and Frat Boy, are both quite bright, summery shades, so when they finally released more toned down shades that I like to wear, first Balm Beach and then Balm Springs, I put them on my wishlist. Then they made my dreams come true by putting both in one palette along with their bronzer-meet-blush shade Balm Desert and I finally bought the palette a couple of weeks ago. Balm Springs is a different shade than it appears in the pan, as it's a lot more peachy, so it ends up quite coral on the cheeks. Balm Beach is a light pinky-peach shade that's actually more pink than Balm Springs and the last shade, Balm Desert is a rosy bronze shade that looked a bit scary to me at first, but I can wear it applied gently as a blush/contour. First two shades are matte and Balm Desert has a satin finish.
Lič, 22.99 € 

THEBALM Meet Matt(e) Hughes 
I already have three of these from before and I often say that this is my favourite matte liquid lipstick formula. Sincere was released over a year ago and in my typical manner I waited forever to get it because that's just who I am, overthinking every purchase. It's a less pinky-peachy version of Committed and it's an even more muted a pink/rosy-brown combination, thought there is little of true pink in it. It's one of those colours that defines my lips and somehow make them look a bit plumper/bigger, so I'm enjoying that part. I can see myself wearing it a lot, though Committed is still my favourite. Formula is the same as that of Committed and Charming, meaning it dries perfectly matte in about 5 minutes, it lasts really well on the lips and it has the same After Eight scent as the others.
Salma, 13.90 €

LANCÔME Matte Shaker liquid lipstick 
Beige Vintage
I've been checking this one out for a while, but I deemed the price too high, then I finally decided to just take the plunge and buy it. I'm so happy I did because this is very similar to one of my favourite shades ever Bourjois Nude-ist, it's in fact the only such similar shade I found. The whole concept is entertaining - you need to shake the bottle a lot, so the colour collects in the place where the applicator sits and then apply it with a big sponge applicator, which is a lot less clumsy than it looks. It's not quite as pigmented as other liquid lipsticks, but it can be build up and due to that light formula, it has a similar effect as NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, meaning it look so natural on the lips. It needs about 5 minutes to dry perfectly matte, even though when I first tried it I thought it won't dry at all. It feels about the same on the lips as NYX's, so not tight or heavy at all. Shade is beautiful, I'll probably wear this to death just like Nude-ist, as it's a muted peachy-pink shade that I think would suit so many. Great buy, just like everything I got for my birthday.
Salma, 21.21 €

MAX FACTOR Honey Lacquer 
Honey Nude
I don't even remember when was the last time I bought a lip gloss. Those few I have were given to me, apart from L'Oreal Extraordinary ones, which I love, and actually this Max Factor one in the shade Honey Rose was also sent to me, I just disliked the shade, but adored the formula. So I bought one in a shade I'll love to wear because this is so comfortable on the lips, so I use it instead of a lip balm during the day. Honey Nude is a pinky-brown shade - very simple and easy to wear. I bought it online because 10 € for a gloss is crazy and I picked the shade Honey Nude which is so nice, so another lip product I'll wear a lot. This is a pigmented lip gloss that has a semi-opaque coverage and a nice level of creamy shine. The packaging is of course gorgeous and another big plus at this gloss.
Salma, 4.92 €

REVLON Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor 
Just like Honey Lacquer above I got this in another shade already, but one I picked myself though it was also sent to me and I wear it so much. They've since expanded the shade range a lot and Devotion that I have from before is no longer one of only two lightest shades, in fact I always considered it quite bright, so I picked Embrace because I wanted something nude and easy to wear with anything and for any occasion. Shade is a muted peachy nude that's leaning to pink. It's another super comfortable formula, seriously these feels so nice on the lips and they smell amazing like vanilla-chocolate-strawberry ice cream (Planica). Formula is fully opaque, but these don't really dry matte, or the only become matte once they wear off enough. They are expensive, but worth it and I actually got it when it was 20% off in my local drugstore. 
Müller, 12.29 €

A repurchase, but by now a reluctant one. I bought another oil a while ago from The Face Shop called Rice Brightening oil and it's the least effective oil when it comes to removing makeup I've tried so far and even though the reason I'm falling out of love with Biobaza is precisely because it's too weak and I need to do a double oil cleanse + cleansing gel, it's still far more effective and as an extra big plus, it works so well with my skin. However, this is my third bottle and again something is different than at other bottles, a recurring issue with these that I noticed. It's the scent that is different and this one actually smells rancid. It still works the same, but the smell is bothersome. However, I haven't found a cheaper alternative that would work with my skin and not break me out.
DM, 12.79 €

*THE BODY SHOP Roots of Strength Firming Essence
A new firming line by The Body Shop. I picked this product because ginseng is a very valued anti-ageing ingredient in K-beauty, so I like to use such products, plus it's one of the rare essences that's sold here, though it doesn't contain ferments and the ingredients read much like a regular toner. Formula is like a thick toner or a light serum and it sinks in fast, leaving no residue behind. So far I notice mostly the hydrating effect, but it's too soon to say anything about firming. My skin has been behaving while I've been using this and it's soft, so it's not causing any problems, but keeping the skin in check. The thing that could be a hit or miss at this is a strong medicinal scent with ginseng at the front. Personally I really like it, but I'm one of those who loves scented products, while some with sensitive skin might not be so happy about it. A serum and a cream exist as well, forming a skincare trio meant for 35+ skin. I'll report back after a longer use, but it already has a plus in my books because of ginseng.
The Body Shop, 17.50 €

Za slovenske bralce bloga je The Body Shop pripravil kodo za 20% popusta na nakup vseh izdelkov, razen tistih v akciji na Na blagajni napišite MATEJA20. Velja do 19.3.2018. Med moje najljubše izdelke spadajo Adjusting Drops oz. kapljice za prilagoditev tekoče podlage - svetle (ocena), Masla za telo (vsa, najboljši vonji po mojem izboru pa so Shea Butter, Satsuma, Vineyard Peach in Almond Milk & Honey), Oils of Life intenzivno revitalizacijsko olje za obraz in British Rose globinska vlažilna maska za obraz.

*THE BODY SHOP Lip juicer Lip Balm
Strawberry, Pomegranate and Aloe Vera
The Body Shop created their version of these uniquely shaped lip balms, but they also experimented with colours. I picked the strawberry-coral one and honestly didn't expect much more that a nicely scented lip balm, but this is actually close to a sheer, almost matte lipstick. It has quite a decent colour pay-off giving a nice level of a juicy peachy-pink colour on the lips. Formula is a harder, waxy one and feels light on the lips, so this it's not the type you'd use when your lips are super dry, but it's nice for every day use and for preventing dryness. It smells just like soft candy and if you live around here you'll recognize it as the scent of Fru Fru candy in the strawberry version, so a sweet-sour scent. The cone shape makes it easy to apply and it looks fun, plus it exists in several shades, including clear.
The Body Shop, 7.90 €

Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudreé
Apparently this is one of the most popular fragrances at the moment and the name says a lot already, as this is pretty much the definition of a powdery fragrance. It's soft and comforting with only a hint of sweetness, actually it's very close to the Library of Fragrance Baby Powder scent, but more feminine, less linear. Notes include clean musk, jasmine, some tonka bean that gives it some sweetness and rose. A lot of people will love this for sure, while I'm still on the fence. Notes and more reviews. The bottle of this is gorgeous.

Dior Dune
I swear my skin multiplies patchouli a hundred fold and I can again smell it as the most prominent note here, but the behind it is the creamy, woody (Brazilian rosewood), sandalwood scent. It smells like the 90's and similar to chamomile tea. If you like Chanel Mademoiselle, you'll like this too, while I'd prefer it without patchouli. Notes.

Have a great day!
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