Tips New in: Catrice Products for Autumn/Winter 2014

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Velvet Finish Powder 
020 Natural Velvet 
Velvet Finish line was designed with mature skin in mind hence the added hyaluron. The Finish powder promises to mattify, but still keep the skin radiant due to the light-reflecting particles. 020 looks too dark for me, but it should suit anyone above NC20.  It's a part of the giveaway.
4.69 €

Velvet Finish Foundation 
010  Light Velvet 
This may be the lightest colour, but it's two shades too dark for me (by the way all the swatches are at the end of the post). I find it a bit funny because at the presentation they said that their range it designed to suit European skin tones. Well, I'm European. Actually, Nude Illusion's lightest shade is similarly dark, however, because it's neutral I can make it work (though I mostly mix it with something lighter), while this has a warm undertone so it looks orange on me. Shade aside, I gave it a quick test and it appears very similar to Nude Illusion in terms of finish (matte, but not draining matte and a bit luminous) and the coverage is about medium. Despite the shade, I will give it a go, but I'll have to self tan first and then do a review. Since I have two, I'm giving one away.
5.29 €

Velvet Finish Concealer 
010 Velvet Ivory 
Quite a thick concealer and it covers well enough. The shade is lighter than the corresponding foundation and suits me decently. I've been using it for the past few days and I quite like it because it blends nicely into the skin, however, I need to layer it to cover my dark circles. It has a more radiant finish than the foundation.
4.69 €

3 in 1 Skin Tone Adapting Make up 
010 Lighter Skin 
Basically this is a much cheaper version of Estee Lauder Daywear Sheer Tint Release, Origins Vitazing Energy-boosting Moisturizer and Garnier Miracle Skin Cream. It starts off white and once blended in it releases a tint. The coverage is light, but surprise, surprise the shade is too dark for me (should suit maybe NC20 & up). It's part of the giveaway.
7.29 €

Catrice Nude Illusion Make up 
020 Rose Vanilla 
One of my favourite foundations at the moment. You can read my review if you want to learn more, but basically it's a medium coverage foundation with a luminous matte finish and a great staying power. I just  wish they had a lighter, neutral shade so I wouldn't have to mix it with other foundations. 
7.69 €

Colour Correcting Mattifying Powder 
010 Delicate Blossom
A powder with different hues that correct uneven skin tone as well as it promises to mattify. Green cancels out redness, the lavender acts against dullness, pink freshens-up tired complexions and beige brings out the natural skin tone. As the Velvet Finish powder this promises a matt, yet radiant finish, though to me it's just a transparent mattifying powder and I'm not too sure about the colour correcting, but I need to test it further because I think I need to get through the top layer first.
4.69 €

Illuminating Blush 
 020 Coral Me Maybe and 010 I Am Nuts About You
These have a 3D pattern and an illuminating finish. I already own Coral Me Maybe for about three weeks now and it's a very cute, peachy-pink shade, but more on the natural side rather than brighter Pink feat. Coral from the Defining Blush range. I Am Nuts About You is a beautiful natural-nude shade and is actually more pigmented that Coral Me Maybe. The illuminating effect of these two is quite subtle. Coral Me Maybe is a part of the giveaway since I have two.
4.26 €

Defining Blush
090 Mandy-rine
I already own this shade and I've been using it a whole lot the past month. You may know that Defining Blushes are my favourite powder blushes ever and I have several already, my favourite being Rose Royce. Mandy-rine is an natural-apricot shade and I already featured it in my Autumn Picks. The extra one is a part of the giveaway.
3.79 €

Velvet Matt Eyeshadow 
010 Vanillaty Fair, 040 Al Burgundy and 050 Welcome To Greysland!
As the name suggests these are matte eyeshadows, though I don't find these completely matte as they do a have a very subtle satin sheen. The formula is very pigmented - even the light shade. I barely need to touch it with a brush and I get tons of colour pay-off. Vanillaty Fair is a cream shade that is a great base or a subtle highlighting shade, Welcome to Greysland is a classic grey and Al Burgundy is a dark plum-bordeaux shade (which it's part of the giveaway. Taya swatched it here)
4.29 €.

Absolute Matt Eyeshadow Palette 
010 Eyes Wide Matt
Ok, this is just wonderful. I don't know why some say that these palettes are inferior in quality to Catrice's mono eyeshadows because this palette performs just as well. I actually feel confident saying that it's not that far away in terms of colours and quality to UD's Naked Basics palette. I high recommend you check it out. 
5.19 €

Ultimate Stay Lipstick 
050 Mauve Your Lips  and 090 IrrCORALbly Pink
I already have the shade 120 Looks Like Coral that I've been using for the past few weeks and I find the formula very similar to the matte shades in the Ultimate Colour range. It's nicely pigmented with a satin-matte finish and really nice staying power. IrrCORALbly Pink is a darker warm pink shade and Mauve Your Lips a dark nude with a grey hue. 
5.29 €
Ultimate Colour Lipstick
350 MATTador 
I recently reviewed the gorgeous 360 MATTraction and MATTador is another new shade for autumn, but this one is a classic, warm red. The formula is again superb.
4.19 €
Tinted Lip Glow 
A sheer lip colour that adjust to your pH-levels and turns into a unique shade. I already have something similar and these pH lipsticks turn into a dark fuchsia on me. It's a part of the giveaway.
5.29 €

Beautifying Lip Smoother 
020 Apricot Cream and 010 Sweet Caramel
I've already reviewed 020 Apricot Cream and said I really like it. I actually keep it next to my computer and use it like a lip balm. It's incredibly comfortable on the lips and was so soothing when I was ill recently. I'm giving both away in the giveaway.
3.79 €

Vitamin Lip Treatment 
A lip gloss that contains vitamins and helps the lips be in better health. It smells fruity (grape-ish maybe) and has a sheer peachy-pink tint. It's part of the giveaway 

Volumizing Lip Booster 
A classic plumping lip gloss accompanied with the traditional menthol scent and I'm guessing the tingling. It's a part of the giveaway.
3.79 €

Luxury Lacquers Million Brilliance 
05 Plum Fiction and 01 It´s Showtime
Glitter 3D nail polishes with various sizes of glitter particles and flakes that have enough coverage to be used on it's own. Plum Fiction is a warm purple shade and It's Show time is a silver shade. 
3.79 €

Luxury Liquid Metal  
03 My Satin Ballet Shoes
As the name suggests these are meant to have a liquid metal finish. My Satin Ballet Shoes is a pink-rose shade with a very shimmery finish.
3.79 €

Colour Brightening Base Coat
01 On Top of the Alps
It's meant as a base for under nail polishes when you want the colour to pop more (like under neons), but it can be used on it's own as well. It's very pigmented and actually as far as I can tell from swatching it on the nail wheel, needs one coat for full opacity.
 2.59 €

Ombre Top Coat 
This looks like a semi-transparent cherry dark red liquid and it supposedly changes any nail polish, so the more layers you apply, the darker it is and by so you can create an ombre effect. It's part of the giveaway.
3.29 €

 Million Styles Effect Top Coat 
02 ¿Holo, Que Tal?
I actually received two holographic effect top coats, one from Essence and this one. I think Essence's comes a lot closer to being holographic, while this one has a more tiny golden-green shimmer effect and it's just too subtle in my opinion.
3.29 €

Lash Applicator 
I was looking at this the last time I was in Müller. It looks so handy and I'll definitely use it, especially when I'm doing other people's makeup. It feels well made and has a rubbery-silicone surface making it feel more expensive in my opinion. 
4.29 €

Lash Extension Volume Mascara 
It contains fibres and it's supposed to be very good, but I use waterproof mascaras and I wear contact lenses so I'm giving it away. The brush is a very classic old-school one, like at Maybelline's Great Lash.
4.29 €

Longlasting Lip Pencil 
070 I got You Babel 
I will shamelessly admit that prior to the event I picked up four Catrice Lip Pencils (they'll be in the next New In, but here is a sneak peak) and since I liked them because they are not as soft as Essence's, I grabbed another colour that looked pretty. I got You Babel is a beautiful nude-pink-peach shade and I like it a lot, it's probably my favourite out of all the pencils.
2.29 €

Longlasting Brow Definer 
030 Chocolate Brow'nie
A felt tip pen that allows drawing very fine individual hairs. I swatched it on the back of my hand and it didn't rub off at all. I don't use any brow stuff, I actually don't touch my eyebrows at all, but I gave the pen to my cousin to test and she likes it so far.
3.49 €

Fixing Brow Wax 
A clear wax in a stick form that you apply on the eyebrows to keep them in place. Again I gave it to my cousin to test and she says it's quite hard in texture, so she has no feeling of how much she's applying. However, she's never used such a product before.
Edit: She now says she loves it and that's it's fantastic.
3.29 €

I swatched all I'm keeping except the palette (I'll do that in the review) and, of course, I didn't touch the stuff I'm giving away. The pictures are large so if you want to see anything closer just click on it.

You can enter the giveaway here
I'll talk about all the Essence products tomorrow.
Have a great day!
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