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LABEL.M Honey & Oat Conditioner 
My hair started to get obnoxiously dry again as in every autumn and drugstore treatments aren't cutting is at all, so I wanted to expand my conditioners/treatments stash. I've never tried Label.m, but it was recommended to me and I read quite a few positive reviews about it, so decided to try something out, besides, it's quite affordable for a salon treatment. When this arrived at my doorstep and tried it the first time, I noticed a remarkable similarity with Tigi's Oatmeal and Honey. I then  went to research the brand and I realised it was created by the same people as Tigi as well as Tony & Guy. The ingredients look completely different to me, but the texture and scent are the same. It's good, nourishing enough for my hair and it makes it look healthy, plus it smells like christmas cookies (cinnamon, cloves and all the rest), however, it's not amazing and my hair dries out soon again. I feel than my hair desperately needs more (I should have just gotten some K√©rastase), but it's a nice conditioner for dry hair.
Look Fantastic, €14.60

LABEL.M Mini Blow Out Spray
This has outstanding reviews and I'm the biggest sucker for mini sizes ever (my lifelong dream is to raid the Sephora mini travel size section), so it landed in my basket. It's a spray you use before blow-drying and it protects against heat, it contains UV filters (great if you dye your hair) and gives volume plus texture to your hair. It kind of doesn't smell of anything really, that was the first disappointment as I adore scented haircare, but the effect didn't wow me either. It kind of made my hair feel drier and more frizzy, which now that I look at it, I shouldn't be so surprised about, as it promises volume and texture. Perhaps this is better suited for thin hair with no volume. I need to use this a bit more and combine it with other products, so I might change my mind about it, but so far it hasn't blown me away.
Look Fantastic, €4.79 (50 ml)

PURELOGY Hydrate Condition 
This has fantastic reviews on Makeup Alley, so I took a chance and got it. First off this smells strongly like toothpaste. I'm serious. The mint actually tingles and feels cooling on the hands after application. It's so strange. My hair smells like mint for the entire week after using this and even more in contact with water when I go to wash my hair again.  I've never experienced anything like it, but it's really strange having your hair smell like toothpaste. The texture is quite thick for a conditioner, but not too much, so it is easy to apply. So what's my verdict on this? I'm afraid I'm not terribly impressed. It didn't wow me, my hair isn't as sleek as with some other conditioners and it feels a bit dry, so I have to use a lot of leave-in treatments and Orofluido to keep it in check. I guess it's ok for moderately dry hair, but my hair needs so much nourishment and this doesn't quite deliver. Still this has tons of amazing reviews, so don't be afraid to try it.
Look Fantastic, €15.90

I can't be without this. Seriously. Every time it's start running out, I rush to get a new one before the bottle is empty. I hit a bit of a snag this time and the package got lost, but luckily it was resent and it arrived safely. This is my absolute favourite leave-in conditioner, it nourishes my hair, keeps it hydrated noticeably longer, reduces frizz and it has made my hair a lot more healthy since I started using it. They changed the packaging, now it's a bit darker and the writing has been changed a bit, but I think it's still the same thing. 
Feel Unique, 16.60 €

PERCY & REED Smoothed, Sealed & Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil
30 ml
I got this as a gift with purchase when I last ordered from Look Fantastic. I've never heard of this product, nor of this brand and I'm a hair junkie, but this is pretty cool. I like the name and it is indeed not oily, it is clearly a very light silicone serum. The instructions say to apply one or two drops, but that is just waaaay to little for my hair and I just go to town with it. The texture is incredibly light, it almost feels like water, so you can literally apply tons of this on the hair and it won't weight it down. It's recommended to be used on towel dry hair, but I tried it on dry hair as well and it doesn't really do anything, but applied on damp hair it makes my hair really sleek after blow drying. It does such a great job at taming my hair. I don't know how this is so great because the ingredients are awful. The scent is so familiar to me. I swear I had a hair product with this precise scent before, but I just can't remember what it was, anyway it's an indescribable chemical hair salon scent. It also works as a heat protectant. It costs 19 € for 60 ml, which is a price that is within acceptable range for me, I used it a few times so far and there is only a couple of millimetres of product missing, so I think I'll get the full size when this runs out (which will probably take a while).
Look Fantastic, full price €19.95 for 60 ml

TANGLE TEEZER Compact Styler 
Black & Gold
I actually wanted Shawn the Sheep version for years, but I got the gold one because it looks so stylish and cool. My cousin bough a pink one sometime this year and it was the first time I saw the compact version in person, but I have the original one for probably around seven years. I immediately loved the smaller version. I love it so much more that the original one, as than one is quite big for my child-sized hands, but this one is the perfect size, plus it has a cover, so you can carry it in your bag. It feels better made than the original one and it easily brushes out the hair with minimal damage. I still secretly want Shawn the Sheep one because I'm a five-year-old at heart.
Look Fantastic, €13.82

 Have a great day!
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