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Makeup Revolution London is a brand that is new to me. Their products are sensibly priced and they actually have some nice dupes of UD's Naked Palettes called Iconic palettes. A Slovene online beauty shop Lič started selling this brand and on this occasion I was sent a few bits to try out. Because I just got these products yesterday, this is just my usual New In post, but there will be reviews with swatches when I test them out properly.

Makeup Revolution London je na voljo v spletni trgovini Lič
For those abroad there is also an official shop that ships internationally. It's similar to MUA and E.l.f in terms of shipping costs, which means expensive in my book.

A toned down fuchsia pink shade. I haven't worn it on the lips yet, but there is a swatch at the end of the post. I'll do a proper review.
 Mono Eyeshadow Naive
A peach skin tone shade with a satin finish that is great as a base colour for pale skin tones or as a highlighter under the brow if you're darker. First of the quantity and the size of the pan is a pleasant surprise, it's much bigger than most eyeshadows and it's closer to some blush sizes. The brush picks up enough product quickly due to the softer texture, but it is a bit chalky though that doesn't really matter because it's a light shade and it still creates a nice even base. For the price this is quite nice.

Man is this pigmented! It's a light pastel blue-toned pink liquid blush with amazing pigmentation, I actually had to use an oily makeup remover to get the swatch off my hand. My cousin immediately feel in love with the shade and tried it on the lips where it looks like a mix of MAC's Overtime and Please Me. You need the smallest amount so it should last a long time. There will be a full review with a picture of how it looks on the cheeks and I'll swatch it on the lips as well.
A basic red that is more or less neutral, maybe a bit warm. As you can see from the swatch it's super pigmented and glossy. It smells lovely, like vanilla. There will be a review.

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