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MAYBELLINE Lash Sensational Mascara
At first I didn't think much about this mascara. It was merely ok, mostly just defining, but applying anything more than two coats resulted in several lashes sticking together, so it looked like I have less than I do, but as weeks passed, this got better and better, so now I actually really like it. It's both defining and volumizing, giving a great big lashes effect. In terms of keeping the curl, it's still not the best, but at least it doesn't make the lashes drop completely. I have the new (possibly LE) metallic packaging which is quite eye catching.

THE SAEM Natural Skin Fit Mask
Grapefruit - moisturising
This was such a pleasant experience and it quickly became one of my favourite sheet masks ever, even though it's not a brightening version that I tend to prefer. The sheet fits ok and the essence so incredibly comfy, like the most luxurious milky lotion - I just felt so pampered with this on. The grapefruit scent is so refreshing and lovely, it's definitely one of my favourites at sheet masks. Mine is a special Disney edition, but they have this in a regular pack and these are reasonably priced for a sheet mask on some sites, I got mine for 60 cents on Cosmetic Love. I already ordered more of these and got the lemon brightening version too.


*BOURJOIS Rouge Velvet
I'm not a fan of the shade as I'd prefer something more natural, regardless I need to praise the formula because this is one of the closest classic lipstick I've tried that has that liquid matte lipstick finish when it sets (Colourpop Matte X is still better, but this is easier to get in Slovenia and has a nice shade range). It even transfers only in traces and the formula is surprisingly very light, actually this feels as if it has no wax, so it just glides on the lips with no skipping. It lasts well, though after several hours it doesn't really fade the nicest, but if I had a more nude shade it wouldn't be that noticeable as with a magenta. Maybe I'll splurge on a shade 03, but 14 € for a lipstick isn't exactly change, so it won't happen soon. The shade on the picture is 09 Fuchsia Botté, a warm hot pink shade.

MISSHA Geum Sul Vitalizing Tension Pact SPF30 PA++
01 Bright Light
While I admit this drew me in mostly for the packaging, Geum Sul line is actually quite praised and it contains ginseng, which is very treasured in K-Beauty. This has a good amount of coverage, though you can only get a small amount on the puff at once, so you can choose to build it up if you wish. I apply a thin coat with a puff for light-medium coverage and then use a brush or a clean finger to apply what would be a regular amount for most under the eyes instead of concealer and it's covers everything I need. Finish is dewy from the start, but unlike my other Tony Moly cushion, this sets to a satin finish (but don't quote me on that because my skin is currently drier than in the summer, so it might be more satin due to that). Why I like this is because it doesn't slip into pores or make them more obvious, it also doesn't emphasize my smiles lines any more than they are. However, the shade is a disappointing thing about this. I expected it's light because Missha's 13 is one of the palest I know, but this is somewhere in the NC15-20 ballpark with a warm undertone. The packaging is of course stunning and the lace pattern on the fabric is an extra plus.


E.G.T Timetox Ampoule - anti-age
This was the first time I didn't like the effect of a sheet mask. Normally I either love it, find it average or completely ineffective, but this sort of reversed the state on my skin back to pre K-Beauty era. Mediheal masks are highly praised and this contains some fancy peptides that recover elasticity and firm the skin, but as I took it off my skin just looked blah. I thought it might be better in the morning, but my pores were larger and more prominent, also my foundation didn't apply as nicely. It doesn't have just minuses because it was nicely moisturising and it has a cute cartoon on the sheet, but still, I wasn't happy with this.


VPROVE Snail Essential Mask Sheet Gold Expert
I didn't know if I should include this because I can't find this version anywhere, but Vprove has another snail mask in a different packaging that I found of I tried snail products before and though they had a nice enough effect (best thing for sunburns ever. They disappear overnight), I thought they break me out, because I use Tony Moly Prestige cream just on my smile lines since it temporarily plumps up the area and that's where then usually tiny spots form if I use it daily. However, this turned out to be such a lovely mask, it's simply very moisturising and plumping, so it helped temporarily diminish those two smile lines by my mouth, but it wasn't miraculous. My skin felt and looked really nice in the morning, so I was impressed by it and decided to give snail products another chance, since I still have quite a few samples.

COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence and Advanced Snail All-in-one Cream
I bought packs of 10 a while ago, but only used a couple because I felt other products were doing more and I thought this might be causing minor breakouts. After about two weeks of use and almost all samples gone I still think my original assessment of these two was correct, though they might not break me out, but they aren't keeping my skin as clear as other products (I've gone two months without a single spot up until these two). Both are hydrating, somewhat plumping and smoothing, but neither are a miracle worker as some describe it and my skin isn't as nice as it was two weeks ago. But for promoting healing this is still great. 

MIZON Collagen Power Lifting Cream
Banila's Honey Essence Oil's first ingredient is collagen, so I was excited when I got this sample because I'd love to try more K-Beauty products with this ingredient. It's got a light texture, but it's one of those moisturisers that don't sink in fast and I wanted to like this, but I just wasn't that impressed by it. I saw no increase of elasticity or bounciness, so Banila is just better for me. 

I realised my new bottle is a lot more empty than I originally thought, if you recall I told you that it arrived with the cap unscrewed and the box completely wet, so I think it must have been 80-90% of product that leaked out, which is just my luck. Since this is my favourite face product I rushed to order a new one and to my horror discovered it's been discontinued with only a couple of overpriced bottles remaining on the internet. Right now I'm looking for a replacement, so I ordered some samples you'll see bellow (Shark Sauce, Missha Time Revolution) and a full size of LJH Propolis Ampoule.


A deep pink purple shade that has been on my nails for most of the month, though I wore Spin the Bottle for a while at the beginning of November.


I was approached with a request to do a swap by one of my followers from Canada who really wanted to try products we have here. We agreed on a surprise package, though admittedly I'm mostly a wishlist kind of girl, but I really have no idea what exactly is available in Canadian drugstores and I don't even have products that are impossible to get on my wishlist (because why torture myself, right), so I agreed to let her treat me with her favourites, but of course we both detailed our preferences beforehand. Since my parcel already arrived in Canada (it took 11 days, but it cost an arm and a leg plus my unborn child) and she's already exploring my picks, I decided to share the selection I made of the products that are not sold overseas and I think are a must-try, either based on my experiences or picked with the help of other people's recommendations (mostly for skin care because I use K-Beauty). The limit was about 70 € and I managed to fit quite a few affordable and great quality products in that budget (with some discounts of course). I made a whole science of my process of choices with lists and tables before actually buying anything because I wanted to get her something from each category and obviously because I have a degree in making thing more complicated than they are. The parcel meant for me from Canada hasn't arrived yet, but I will share what I got when it reaches Slovenia.

CATRICE Travellight Story LE Eyeshadow Palette // CATRICE Art Couleurs Eyeshadow 080 Mademoiselle Chic (fell in love with these super cream new ones, though the last ones were great already) // CATRICE Glam & Doll False Lashes Mascara Waterproof // TREND IT UP Powder Blush 050 // MISSLYN Bronzing & Contouring Powder Beach Please // ESSENCE hello happiness TE contouring brush // ESSENCE Soft Contouring Lipliner 06 under my skin // CATRICE Ultimate Colour Lipstick In A Rose Garden // ESSENCE the Gel Nail Polish 55 be awesome tonight! // L.O.V LOVINITY long lasting nail lacquer 250 

CADEAVERA Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Eye Cream (Anti-Falten Q10 Augencreme) // Balea Aqua Hydrating Serum (Aqua Feuchtigkeits Serum) // AVEO Lip Balm Strawberry & Frozen Yogurt (Lippenpflege Erdberre & Frozen Yogurt) // GREEN LINE Clear Active Refreshing Toner // ALVERDE Rosehip Day Cream (Tagescreme Wildrose) // CADEAVERA Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Day Cream // AFRODITA Hydra Patch Creme for Normal to Combination Skin (new on the market) // BALEA Refreshing Cleansing Gel (Erfrishendes Waschgel) // CADEAVERA Antioxidant Mask // AFRODITA Why Mask Extreme Hydration and Fresh & Well-Rested Look

SUBRINA Clean & Fresh Shampoo // BALEA Shaving Gel // BALEA Shower Foam Hawaiian Dream // AFRODITA Hand & Nail Cream 2 in 1 Argan // AFRODITA Secret Garden Cream Shower Gel Romantic Peony // AFRODITA Red Grapes Moisturing Body Milk (everyone and their grandmothers loves this) // BALEA Universal Cream Take Care of you // BALEA Hand Foam Raspberry Party // FA Yoghurt Shower Gel Vanilla & Honey Scent // ALVERDE Body Cream Macadamia

From eBay: COSRX Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence (finally) // HADA LABO Gokujun Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion (small 30 ml bottle to try first) // MISSHA Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence & Time Revolution Night Repair Borabit Ampoule Samples / MISSHA Geum Sul Giyun Eye Cream Samples // 
From HOLY SNAILS - Sauce du Mois a.k.a. Shark Sauce Samples, Honey and Hanbang versions
From Sweet Corea - LJH Vita-Propolis Serum Ampoule // TONY MOLY Panda's Dream Sleeping Pack (repurchase, I love this) // BENTON Snail Bee High Content Essence Samples // ETUDE HOUSE  Moistfull Collagen Sample Pack // ETUDE HOUSE Honey Cera Body Sample Pack
From Cosmetic Love: THE FACE SHOP Rice Cleansing Oil Light // THE SAEM Cover Perfection Tip Concealer (under 3$ and everyone says it's nice) // A'PIEU Chocolate Milk One Pack Mask // THE SAEM Natural Skin-fit Mask Sheet Grapefruit // THE SAEM Natural Skin-fit Mask Sheet Lemon (brightening version) // TONY MOLY Pureness 100 Red Ginseng Mask Sheet // THE FACE SHOP Real Nature Masks Red Ginseng // ETUDE HOUSE 0.2 mm Therapy Air Masks Snail

SCINIC Honey All in One Ampoule (comes in a big 250 ml jar) // PHYSICIANS FORMULA Butter Highlighter Pearl // TERRA NATURI Body & Face Shimmer Powder Golden Highlight (this looked so pretty when I swatched it) // CATRICE Art Couleurs Eyeshadows (several shades so I can build a palette) // BOURJOIS Rouge Velvet the Lipstick 03 and 05 // THE BODY SHOP Shea Body Butter (TBS Slovenia is officially open) // BALEA Body Perfektion Mousse-to-oil Bodyschaum // SKINFOOD Royal Honey Propolis Essence // Shoes with a metal heel decor from AliExpress (satin version/suede version).

This november I also posted my 1000th post: My top 10 favourite lipsticks

Have a great day!
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