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I was already a huge fan of its older sister a.k.a. the original Basics and the second one stole my heart as well. It's a bit more cool toned than its predecessor and there are more medium taupe shades in it, so it's like an expansion of the original. I love taupe matte eyeshadows because they are excellent colours to define the eyes and Urban Decay has some of the best matte eyeshadows - they are very pigmented, silky and they blend so well. It may be an expensive palette, but it's worth it.  

Just like the Naked2 Basics, it's another fantastic matte, neutral palette and even though it's a lot cheaper, the quality is very similar. I find that the collection of shades is something like a mix of both Basics palettes and it includes great base colours, several medium taupes and darker browns. I imagine it should be great for eyebrows as well. It's an amazing palette and I recommend it to everyone.

This was a month of deep burgundy-berry lips for me and the stars of this trend were Grand Cru and Love the Way You Plum liner. Grand Cru is a beautiful matte deep red shade, though I admit the formula is the dud in this line and it's not the easiest to work with, but it sure lasts forever on the lips once it sets, so it's excellent for when you need your lipstick to last. I have the picture of the combination with the lip liner here.

This is just one of the liners I've bough recently, but it's certainly my most worn so far, especially in combination with Grand Cru, but it also works perfectly with Rimmel's 107 and Eclipse. It's a deep plum shade, definitely very purple toned and it gives more depth and a plum undertone to the Grand Cru combination. I must warn you that it's a very fragile liner and should be applied very carefully or it will break off, but it's very inexpensive.

Steering away from the bold burgundies a bit, the peachy-pink liner I Got You Babel is a stark opposite and a nice choice when I wanted to wear something more natural. I wear it on its own, though it's not the most moisturising option, but given that my lips don't tend to be dry, it works out just fine. It's a nice pencil that is somewhere between being creamy and hard, so it defines well, but  is also easy to apply. 

These are so good, especially considering the price. I don't think a day has passed that I haven't used them. These are the perfect size, shape and density for blending concealer under the eyes, applying a base eyeshadow on the lids and setting powder under the eyes. Such great brushes that have pretty much become indispensable to me.

Another brush gained its spot in my favourites, but this one is for blush. It's really soft, softer even than Real Techniques brushes, but still dense enough to pick up enough colour and apply it on the cheeks. I tend to use it sideways, meaning that I use the narrower part of the tapered brush and it works with most blushes, except if they are exceptionally light as it's quite a fluffy brush and in that case it doesn't pick up enough colour. I'm very happy with this brush.

I'll keep this short because it's a recurring product form my previous favourites. It's the only blush I've been wearing the last couple of months and it's fast become my favourite ever shade. Fantastic drugstore find.

I've just spoken about this in my latest review. I must sound like a broken record by now, but Vineyard Peach is by far the best peach scent I've ever tried because it's so much like the real thing. I just adore this, despite poorer lasting power.

I must admit that this grew on me so much in the past year. I rarely speak about it, but I use it a lot because it's so much lighter than dry shampoos (which I don't really need, I just need something to refresh the hair). There is none of that gritty feeling or white powder residue, meaning I can use it liberally without having to need to wash my hair the next day because it feels like there is too much product on it. This also smells so yummy, like raspberry drink. In regards to volume, my hair has a lot of natural volume even on, for example, the fourth day after washing because my hair gets drier not greasier, but this does indeed give it a bit of extra oomph. Basically, this is a dry shampoo for those who hate dry shampoo.

This is one of my favourite shower gels and I was informed by one of my readers that it's being discontinued. It smells sooo good, just like peach bubble gum and it's very affordable. If you're a fan like me, there's not much time left before these completely disappear from the shelves.
I'm getting really tired of this "high innovation" angle that some companies implement, discontinuing everything in their path. Everything seems to be limited edition, so you can't really afford to fall in love with a specific product and it kind of blows.

Have a great day!
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