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These type of liquid lipsticks were my first such matte lip products, except they weren't from NYX, but from Manhattan and those were essentially exactly the same, but since I loved them so much (I had a majority of the shades available), I got three of NYX's as well. Original shades were not the best colour range if you ask me now. Then I got Tokyo, Istanbul and Addis Ababa. The first one was a complete fail (you'll soon see why), nor did I wear Addis Ababa a lot, but Istanbul was my go-to everyday shade for quite a while. They have now significantly expanded the shade range and though I planned on getting a lot more of the shades, I ended up with only one, Cannes, which is perhaps surprising because it's not what I'd call a typical me shade, but I love exploring something new.

Texture: These are creamy liquid lipsticks, but the formula is thin and oily when applied. It then starts to dry slowly and after about 10 minutes it turns to a perfect matte finish. These feel light on the lips, a lot lighter than for example Sleek's Matte Me or Milani's Amore and don't feel like you have a uniform layer of product on the lips. I barely even feel these on the lips, they are only a tiny bit sticky when they aren't completely set, but after that it's like nothing on the lips. Basically no product dries my lips, so obviously nor do these and I can't definitively say these aren't drying (they are matte after all), but compared to Sleek these are so much more appropriate for those who often have dry lips. However, the colour is less rich and intense than at other lip creams, they are bit more watered down. As I said before, these are exactly the same as the now already sadly discontinued Manhattan's Soft Mat Lipcreams.

How it looks right after application:

And after it sets:

Colour: Cannes is my first such shade, an experimental shade. I've seen many girls with a medium skin tone rock this colour, but such shades can look very wrong on pale girls on me. Cannes is a medium peachy-rosy-brown shade. It's luckily more peachy-rosy than brown and though it's has that 90's vibe, it's fresher and more believable as a mlbb shade, though my natural lips as much, much paler and it's tone is more like Nude-ist.

Staying power: These aren't quite as long-lasting as other matte lip creams, but they fade nicer without obvious patches and more like regular lipsticks. They won't survive a meal intact, but how much will survive depends on what you're eating. 

Packaging: Packaging is a classic, lip gloss like tube which is opaque, so you have no idea how much is in. The applicator is a standard doe foot one in a nice size for application, but it doesn't hold enough product for one application.

Scent: These have a sweet vanilla ice cream scent.

Price and availability: I got mine on Boots International for £5.50. You can get them cheaper on US websites like Beauty Joint and on eBay. Feel Unique also started selling these and they even started appearing in some German DMs.

I decided to re-swatch my old shades. They are over five years old and have gone off, but I risked it, I've been keeping them purely for blogging purposes now, so why not use them.

Tokyo is a pale peachy shade with a white base. Absolutely awful on the lips and if I can't pull it off with my super pale complexion, I have no idea who can. Considering the type of shade, it surprisingly doesn't look chalky, dry or patchy.

Istanbul is a very wearable light neutral pink shade. It sets a bit lighter on the lips than right from the tube. I used to wear this one every day.

Addis Ababa is a hot pink shade. It's too cool for my liking and I wish it were a bit more vibrant in person.

It's a large picture if you want to see close-ups. I had completely different lighting conditions, but I made sure that the shades are correct.

I will pick up more of these, I've been delaying the purchase for years for no particular reason and I want Copenhagen, Paris, Ibiza, Zurich and Transylvania.

Emily swatched all of the shades here.

Have a great day!
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