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I'm currently at a stage where I don't really like any foundation I own on my face apart from Healthy Mix Serum. I think my skin care is all messed up, so foundations look fake over the uneven surface, but this one is that one reliable product that doesn't look weird on the skin and looks pretty much like skin. I was even said that my skin looks so fresh a couple of days back when I was wearing it. Coverage is light to medium, which is just fine to me and it has a dewy finish without feeling tacky on the skin. However, I must express my displeasure at the discovery that it now costs 16 € here, which is well over 2-3 € more than when I started buying it five years ago. What is happening Bourjois?

Bourjois' concealers are again those that I find most reliable when it comes to nice, natural looking coverage. I still use Collection's or Nars' concealer when I want full coverage, but this is the one that doesn't look heavy on the skin and blends with ease, so it's great especially under the eyes and on my uneven nose.

I got quite a few new contour kits lately and I'm not even that big on the contouring trend because full face contouring just looks odd on pale skin. However, I do occasional use a bit of shading under my cheekbone and out of all the contours I got recently, this one is the only one truly wearable for me. The shading part has a good amount of grey in it, so it's the best for faking a shadow. The highlighter side I'm not that into, it's hasn't got any shimmer, so there is no visible effect on my skin. These aren't as pigmented as some others I've tried, so they need layering, but with a thin dense contour brush they work well. I've been using it quite a lot since I got it, skipping the blush because I was always in a hurry in the morning, but it looked good. 

I was on the fence whether this is the shade for me when I first tried it because it's a pretty dark colour on me, but it's just the perfect autumn colour with those highly sought after muted rosy-brown tones. Because it's so dark on me, but not a classic burgundy colour, it's a great alternative to proper vampies, but on medium skin tones it's probably look lighter and more mauve. Formula of these is amazing and this shade sets in a few minutes to a perfect matte finish, the colour just last forever on the lips and it's one of the more comfortable matte lip creams. 

I've already raved about this in my latest new in, but basically this is a bit lighter and a much more fun version of my old favourite Swivel Stick. Admittedly these ball designs aren't as practical as regular lip balms or even the cone shape of Balmi's version, but they are so darn cute. I dislike typical waxy hard lip balms like most Labello's or Burt's Bees and this is much softer, so it's not that coat of product on the lips that merely keeps the existing moisture locked in, but I genuinely have a feeling it's nourishing my lips. The scent is lovely too, though not what you'd expect from the name, but Palmer's original chocolate cake batter scent is still there, just mixed with a tropical fruit note (not mango though). It even tastes delicious. I wonder how the coconut version smells?

I found my favourite taupe shade. This one actually looked a simple grey in the shop, but it has some brown tones to it. Just like at 210 which was in my last favourites, the formula is again lovely, as is the brush which is just perfect for my nails. 

It's not often I'm interested in a Essence TE, not that they are bad, they just come and go too fast, but I had to get these. Both are stunningly beautiful and have that galaxy feel to them. 01 Meet Me at Midnight is a bright blue-teal-violet duo chrome shimmer on a black base and 02 is a purple-pink duo chrome shimmer on a black base, though honestly as many pictures I've seen on these, none truly capture how gorgeous they are in person. Both are opaque in two coats and need a bit more effort to take them off, as they leave shimmer behind.

BBW sure knows how to make a cinnamon scent in a product. I've been searching for something decent for years here, but every cookie scent smells exactly the same (boring car refresher vanilla, what else), but these actually smell like the real deal and you seriously just want to eat it. How I wish we had BBW here or at least that I would have too search all over the internet for a reasonable price. I have two of the autumn scents, Pumpkin Cupcake smells like cinnamon cookies spekulatius, which I love, while Pumpkin Cranberry Cider smells like Ledeni Čaj Brusnica from the start, so sweet cranberry fruity, but quickly becomes basically the same cinnamon scent that Pumpkin Cupcake. Scent are strong and last, which I love because it's like a yummy fragrance and they work fine as disinfectants, without leaving any tacky layer. 

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