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I has been close to eight years since I last got an OPI. I usually buy much cheaper nail polishes, but I stumbled upon Michelle's (All Lacquered Up) post about the best nail polishes in 2015 and when I saw this one, my eyes widened. Since forever I wanted a night sky inspired nail polish in the style of Essie's Starry Night, but they aren't easy to come by, so when such a gorgeous shade comes by, even I make an exception and splurge, though I was lucky enough to get this one as a belated Christmas gift.

Give Me Space is a deep blue with a mix of fine holographic and blue shimmer. The effect is just stunning and my pictures don't do it justice. It applies more sheer for the first coat, but the second gives it that depth an it's fully opaque. It applies nicely and evenly, but it can feel a bit dry at times, so I prefer to work with thick coats.

The brush is medium width, so it fits my nails well, but I always manage to paint the cuticles since my nails are so narrow.

I got it as a gift for the holidays, that's why it's from Müller where it costs 12.99 €, but you know you can get it much cheaper online and to be fair, the bottle is huge (15 ml). This is definitely one of my favourite nail polish discoveries in a really long time.

Have a great day!
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