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I ordered a new bottle of Orofluido and as I opened the box I immediately noticed that the colour is more amber than it just to be. I checked the ingredients and they did in fact change them. Argan oil is now the third ingredient on the list, which is a positive change from before. Basically, they reduced the amount of silicones in favour of argan oil. However, they did add Benzophenone-3 also known as Oxybenzone (8. place on the list) which functions as a photostabiliser and sunscreen. There is a bit of controversy surrounding this ingredient, but since it's in a hair product I'm not concerned. I don't apply it on the skin anyway.

Old ingredient list:

New ingredient list:

As for the texture, scent and results, there is little difference, but it is slightly improved. I compared the new and the old formula of which I still have a few drops left and they feel and smell the same. However, I find that my hair stays moisturised longer than with the old formula. The rest is pretty much the same. You can read the review here.

This is one of my favourite hair products, hence why I repurchased it even after testing other (more) popular hair treatments (even though Elixir Ultime is growing on me, but that's just because of the gorgeous scent, the formula is way too light for me). Oh, and if you're wondering why I purchased it now, when I still have so many other mini sized bottles of other treatments, it's because it had a nice discount on cheapsmells and I paid 14€ for it + 3€ for shipping.

Here is kind of a bonus pic of my first acceptable attempt of a four strand braid. It's a month old picture and the braid is a bit messy. Honestly, it took me way too long to learn it. I watched a few how-to youtube videos, but they only left me more confused. Only when I wasn't concentrating at all where each stand should go, I finally did it. And I've been doing these braids a lot last month. They are a nice change from my usual fishbraids and normal braids. Here is my original inspiration and a tutorial.

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