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So I've got another pack of eyelashes from Born Pretty for you today. And yes, I know I'm probably the last person who needs false lashes, but it's just a bit of fun. I loved the first ones I showed you, HS-43, despite the issues of them not sticking nicely in the inner corners (an eyeliner hides everything anyway) and I'm even wearing them in my profile picture. Since those are tapered just as Ardell's Demi Wispies, I wanted a different shape for a change and decided on a very classic rounded one. I knew these will be even more dramatic than HS-43, but HS-37 are absolutely huge. I think they may be already too much for me, though with a very dark smoky eye they could work, but I believe that these might be better suited for people with large and deep set eyes. 

HS-37 are long and dense lashes with a rounded shape. Compared to HS-43, these are so much easier to get out of the box because they are on a clear plastic string and can be just pulled out of the box. They are also a lot easier to apply and they fit my eyes well in terms of length, which I appreciate because there is no need for cutting them. Due to the strip being clear, there is no urgent need to hide the seam with an eyeliner if you glue them very close to the lashes, but I still like to wear one (I'm not wearing liner in any of the pictures). I can feel these on the eyes, which is not surprising considering how big the are. 

I included a comparison of HS-37 and HS-43. See how much more drama HS-37 bring to the eyes? click on the picture is you want to see it larger.

Other makeup on the left: L'Oreal Infallible 24h Matte foundation, Maybelliner the Eraser concealer, Essence Big Bright Eyes Pencil Highlight It... Nude, Catrice Lumination TE Powder Blush Flushed-Fiction, Mac Sheen Supreme Full Speed
On the right: Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in Lovely Pink, Revlon Ultra HD lipstick in Rose, Essence Big Bright Eyes Pencil Highlight It... Nude.

I think these lashes scream drama and I would wear them only with an intense smoky eye. These don't like natural lashes in any way, but sometimes you just need a pair that is a bit more fun. I do of course prefer HS-43's.

You can get them on the Born Pretty website where they currently cost 4$ for 10 lashes (there is no glue included). You can use a code MKOH10 for 10% off entire purchase.

Have a great day!

*Lashes were sent to me.
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