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Since I've already done posts on chocolate and coconut scented products, I promised to do one about peach scented products as well. I have to say I was having real difficulties finding any in our drugstores, especially shower gels (the only one I could find was from Subrina and I hate it). I thought there's going to be loads of them everywhere, but the only places I found them were DM and Yves Rocher. So this post does look a bit like a Balea commercial, but in my defence it's not intentional. 

First up is my favourite peach scent ever and unfortunately it was a LE, but I stocked up, so I still have one shower gel and deodorant left. It's Balea's Traum Geschöpft LE of which I already raved loads in favourites posts over the year (I think it was released in the Spring). For me this is the perfect peach scent, it really smells like a sweet, ripe, juicy peach. Oh, how much I wish it were in their regular line. This two items fuelled my peach obsession.

Because I couldn't find any (decent) peach smelling shower gel, I resorted to Balea hair line. There is one peach and one apricot scented line, or at least it was, it looks like their are in the process of discontinuing them and replacing with mango scented line. I use both shampoos as a shower gel (I have very sensitive scalp, so I only use La Roche Posay Kerium shampoo), but the rest of the family uses them as a shampoo and they say it's quite good, especially for the price. There is also a hair mask in the peach line and besides a really lovely scent that lingers quite long on the hair, I have nothing good to say about it. It's so runny (why not pack it in a bottle then), light and it does absolutely nothing for my hair (I have very dry hair). The mask is not being discontinued, but I won't repurchase. 

The next product also from Balea it their shaving gel in Milk'n'Peach. Their shaving gels are really good quality and cheap, I've been buying them for years. But the scent is nowhere near peach or milk. To me it smell exactly like pears. 

I already reviewed I Love... peaches&cream shower gel and lotion here. It's one of the best peach scents and it really smells like it has some cream mixed in. I really like the quality of both products. I bought them in France. 

I've also already done a review on Yves Rocher's Peche Jaune/Yellow Peach eau de toillete here. This is such a disappointment for me. I really dislike the scent, it doesn't smell like peach at all. Ok, maybe a bit like peach snaps, but there is no juiciness or sweetness. It's quite sharp and smells too masculine for me. This also turned me off from buying the rest of their peach line. 

I'm still looking for a nice peach line of products (since Traum Geshöpft was sadly only a LE), but I have my eye on The Body Shop's Vineyard Peach line. I hear it's quite good and I'll order at least the body butter to try it out (image by Google).

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