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It's been a very long time since I last got my hands on a new bronzer. When I found Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess four years ago, I simply stopped experimenting with bronzers and it remains the only one I found that works with my pale neutral complexion. Physicians Formula has an extensive collection of bronzers, each more beautiful than the last one (have you seen the Paris and New York one? Divine), but this one from the Argan Wear Collection is one of the most stunning ones to look at. It's infused with argan oil, though I don't really know if that makes any difference and it has a very strong oriental scent that is actually its more definitive feature aside from the beautiful pattern.

The bronzer is made out of three shades, while the gold glitter line is just an overspray. First few brush strokes will be very gllitery, however, the gold overspray disappears quickly. The texture is very soft and buttery, consequently the pattern is disappearing fast under the brush. This part actually made me very sad, so I'm only using one side of the bronzer. Due to the soft texture is blends nicely even with my ancient brushes.

To my initial shock I discovered it swatches shimmery golden yellow. I must confess I was very concerned about this, but thankfully it actually does not look bad on me, in fact I kind of like it despite the golden sheen, the only snag is that I need to wear very warm toned makeup. But will it perform the same on someone with a medium or cool skin tone? That I doubt. They do sell a darker version of this bronzer (my shade is Light Bronzer), just not here unfortunately. On my cheeks it creates a warm, golden-tan glow, I think you can see from my picture that it's not at all as terrifying as the swatch and I applied a lot of it otherwise my camera wouldn't be able to pick it up. I think this might work as a subtle gold highlighter on warm, medium skin tones, but I can't say for sure as I haven't tried it on anyone else. 

The one thing that will hit you even before you open the packaging is the intense oriental scent. I think it's lovely, so does everyone I gave it to sniff, but I think that a lot of people won't like it either because they find it too strong or because oriental scents don't suit them. I can't smell it on the face, just in the packaging.

The packaging is similar as at Happy Booster Blush. It's plastic, so quite light, but bulky. That's because there is an extra compartment under the blush where you'll also find a small brush and a mirror. 

I got this bronzer as a part of my job on Click2Chic where it costs 17.90 € (objava v slovenščini tukaj) and they have another bronzer from this brand - Bronze Booster Glow, which is probably darker. I believe they also ship to Croatia. International readers can get it on iHerb.

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