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A mascara I had for months now, with a review almost finished and I have a perfectly legit reason for not posting it (explained why in my Sexy Wear Va Va Voom mascara review last week), but anyway, here is it now . It's fibre mascara made out from two components -  a thick classic mascara and dry fibres. This is the most difficult mascara to use I've ever tried, I spent a week trying to get it right and I got everything from a downright horrendous result to a perfect one. So my review is going to be almost like a little manual on how to use it for best result. To get the important question out of the way - does it even work? Yes, it does. But I think it would have a much more impressive result on short, stubby lashes. Mine are already long and I don't really need a lot, so I don't really use it often because it really is so much work to make it look good and of course, it's not waterproof, so it doesn't hold a curl on my lashes.

As I said this mascara comes in two parts. You need to use the regular mascara part first so the fibres have something to stick to. It's a very thick, sticky mascara which is very prone to clumping, but it needs to be like that otherwise the fibres do not stick (I tried them with a different mascara and it didn't really work). It's very important you apply the fibres on a fresh, wet coat of mascara. If you don't they don't stick and go everywhere. If they fall into the eye, it's soo painful, so listen to my advice and work fast. Once the fibres are applied, seal them with another coat of regular mascara. Make sure they are all coated because if you don't, they tend to fall off during the day. Stick to one coat of fibres, I tried two and got the most horrible properly spidery lashes.  

The fibres add both volume and length, but on my lashes I don't feel that the amount of added length is that significant. I think it would be a lot more dramatic on short lashes. Fibres will fall off during application, so keep a powder brush on hand or apply the rest of the make up after mascara. You're applying something a lot more substantial than just mascara, plus a very wet, thick mascara on which the fibres stick, so it can get messy. Contact lens wearers this is not a mascara for you because just one fibre destroys the lens (speaking from experience, this sticks to it like glue). 

The packaging is pretty basic. The mascara has a classic slightly curved wand and the fibre one is another classic one, but you can't really see the bristles over the fibres. 

A little comparison of two Physician's Formula mascaras, Extension Kit and their Sexy Wear Va Va Voom mascara. There is a difference, but I prefer Va Va Voom because it's so much easier to use, the effect you get it much more defined and there are no fibres that might fall into my eye. However, my cousin adores Lash Extension and she always asks me if she can use it. She says it's the best mascara she ever used and never complained about any falling fibres. 

I read reviews about this mascara and they are very polarised, but it seems to me that mostly girls with short, stubbly lashes like it and I get why. If you happen to have such lashes, this might be worth giving a go, I, on the other hand, find it difficult to work with and I am a women of little patience, but the results are there, that's undeniable. Once you master the application, you get some nice results.

It costs 23.90 € on Click2Chic. International readers can get it on iHerb.

Have a great day!
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