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I'm just in love with the packaging of the Nude Wear line. It's seriously gorgeous and so well made. Even before I learned I'll get this blush to review, I was researching Nude Wear online because I wanted a few pieces of the collection - who doesn't like pretty makeup on displayed on their vanity, right? There are several items in that line, but I got the blush in the shade Rose.

I got the shade Rose (Natural is the second shade in this line) and it consist of four shades, while the silver/white letters are just an overspray and it disappear after the first or second use. Two of the shade are warm and two cool, but overall the coolness prevails. There is a cool pink almost a violet pastel shade, a pastel peach, a very classic warm pink and a cool fuchsia shade, which is the darkest. If you use a very small brush you might be able to use them individually, but it's very hard. Blended together they create a light cool pink shade that almost verges on pastel violet shade. It's a shade that will look amazing on people with a cool skin tone. It's very light as my swatches indicate and I though it's a shade that will work exclusively for pale girlies like me, but I tested it on someone several shades darker than me (about NC25) and it showed up well, I didn't even had to put loads on. And she loved it because it gave her that cute porcelain doll pink cheeks. 

The texture is medium soft, basically it's pretty standard in terms of quality, it doesn't look too powdery and it blends well. The finish on the cheeks is satin with a slight sheen.

The packaging is so divine. The main feature is the faux beige leather and inside it's muted pink satin. The rose gold bow is just adorable and because of it I actually use this blush as a background item in many of my pictures. Like all Physicians Formula's cheek products it has an additional compartment with a nicely-sized mirror (actually came handy several times now) and a flat brush with a rose gold handle.  

If you're a porcelain princess with a cool skin tone you'll love this. But even those with a warm and a bit darker skin tone can use this, though on warm skin tones I'm more used to seeing peachy shades like Sexy Booster blush. The packaging of the entire line is a complete winner for me and I proudly display it on my shelves. I will buy at least one more product from this line, Nude Wear Glowing Nude powder, which is apparently a fantastic setting powder that gives you a bit of a glow. They also have a foundation (in liquid and stick form) as well as a concealer, but they are all sadly too dark for me. 

Nude Wear Glowing Nude Blush costs 15.90 € on Click2Chic (objava v slovenščini).

Have a great day!

*A product I got as a part of being a blogger at Click2Chic.
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